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MOR 101.9 Manila is No 1 Station According to Kantar

MOR 101.9 Manila is No 1 Station According to Kantar

From DJ Jhaiho: 

Mga kapamilyang MORkada MORaming Salamat poz Ang MOR 101.9 ay patuloy pading namamayagpag bilang your Number 1 FM Radio Station

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Tayo na talaga kaMORkada! Salamat sainyong lahat at kayo ang dahilan kung bakit nangunguna ang MOR 101.9 dahil sa walang sawang supporta at pagtangkilik ninyo saamin! 

Para sainyo ito kapamilya.

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Wanted Sweetheart with Papa Bol on Barangay LS 97.1

GenSan DJ is New Wanted Sweetheart Host on DWLS 97.1

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GMA Radio welcomes new on air personality DJ Papa Bol.

He will be anchoring the recently vacated Wanted Sweetheart program formerly hosted by Papa Dan.

Benjur Evangelista in real life, Papa Bol hails from General Santos City and is a very popular DJ in their sister station Barangay 102.3FM.

Papa Bol is originally from Iloilo and as a former call center agent he speaks a few dialects (Tagalog, Bisaya, Ilonggo and Hiligaynon).

Benjur shared his radio story:

“For some reasons napunta ako sa Gen San. Nag-start ako dun as call center agent pero after six months or so, na-discover ko ang [Barangay LS] by accident lang yun eh, napadpad ako sa Barangay station, nag-apply tapos ‘yun everything started from there.”

“Nakakatakot, nakakakaba. Then ‘yung love sa radio came in, ‘yung parang nagagamay mo na ‘yung trabaho and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else kaya talagang parang meant to be,”

“Grabe ‘yung pressure. I mean una siyempre Papa Dan ‘di ba? So, you really have to step into the shoes or kung kaya, puwede mo pang higitan ang binibigay mo, gawin mo talaga. Be there para sa listeners at tulungan sila. Big responsibility at saka exciting kasi my family is here so ‘yung support nandyan. So I think, I’ll be able to do it kasi nandyan ‘yung love nung family.”

“They’re very happy and proud sila na ako ‘yung napili, tapos todo support. Talagang binaback-upan nila ako sa mangyayari and if I need help or kaya kung ano opinyon nila, I’ll always come back to them, kasi they are my family.”

“Yeah actually naisip ko yan. ‘Di mo kailangan sila i-outcast, kasi they have their own opinion, pero I want to love them pa rin. I will listen to them too and I will learn from them. By doing so, na pag-accept sa kanila, kahit ganun ‘yung iniisip nila, [I hope] they will learn to love me too.”

Love Radio Responds to MOR 101.9 As Number 1: “AYNO!!”

Love Radio Responds to MOR 101.9 As Number 1: “AYNO!!”

“AYNO!” which sounds like “I know!” is the latest catchphrase now on Love Radio 90.7, a station known for their high recall on air slogans like “Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan” and “Bisyo na to!”.

AYNO is actually an abbreviation of Always Your Number One!

Which is by the way, the official strapline used for their sung jingles produced by the modern-version-of-JAM-Creative-Productions jingle company ReelWorld.

In fact, Love Radio is holding a series of concerts dubbed the AYNO Concert Series.

AYNO is double-meaning catchphrase though, as in addition to mean sarcastically “I know”, it could also be a strong opposing response to other station’s claim of being number one, as in “AY NO!”.

Very clever!

While we still believe 93.9 iFM of RMN remains to be the most technically and sonically creative and best sounding in terms of on air radio branding, Love Radio is simply out of the box, in your face and truly pang masa-relevant on air imaging.

Ibang klase ang branding ng Love Radio. Others just try hard.

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DJ Papa Marky with Students Visiting BARANGAY LS 97.1 Studio Booth

DJ Papa Marky with Students Visiting BARANGAY LS 97.1 Studio Booth Radio bug usually starts as a listener, then a casual or official visit to the broadcast studio elevates that fondness. That’s how radio DJs start to get bitten by radio bug. There’s something about radio that really hooks you. From being a listener, to experiencing how it feels behind the scenes. And once, any of these student visitors get to play with those buttons behind the mic, there’s not turning back.

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