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Where to Download Artist Drops for Radio Production

Artist Drops

Artist drops are not only great to use in radio production. It has been heard on sweepers, concert promos, and station IDs and they are effective.

The idea is that if you have the real artist speaking in a concert spot for example, the artist drop adds more convincing power to the spot and furthers its capacity to grab the listener’s attention.

Stations like Z100 in New York and KIIS FM Los Angeles use real celebrity sound bites in their radio spots. Not only does it make the production credible, it humanizes the audio.

But most radio stations don’t have that easy access to big stars as those big stations mentioned above. Continue reading Where to Download Artist Drops for Radio Production

Where to Find Free Radio Prep Websites

Radio Prepping

Radio prepping is one thing that radio DJs, should not left out. Whether you are a pro or a rookie, there is nothing more horrible than being in a situation where you don’t know what to say in front of the microphone.

Prepping is more than just getting something soyou can say something.

You need to consider that your content should be fresh, relevant, entertaining, funny and relatable. The way you present the content should also be right. Make it long and you bore your listeners.

The key to getting an exciting radio prep whether you are doing a morning show, afternoon drive or evening prime time, is mix it with live interaction with listeners and use audio clips to accentuate your content.

Also, it is great to pair your radio prep with online content, so you are also leading your listeners to your website, like announcing today’s most viewed viral video.

Click here to view the 6 Free Radio Prep Tools

Importance of High Production Value on Your Radio Station

High Production value: James Bond Movies

In Hollywood, the quality of a movie is mostly referred to as the “production value.”

Basically, those films with bigger budgets tend to have higher production value because huge amount of money is being put on resources like the setting and special effects.

Why Production Value?

It is the aim of a film maker (depending on the genre though) to make the movie appear epic, attractive, realistic, relevant, stylish and expensive looking. This is what makes movie goers “go” to see a movie.

A James Bond movie is an example of a high production value flick, not just because of the protagonist’s cool gadgets, but also because of its expensive cars and its remote and exotic locations.

What About In Radio? Continue reading Importance of High Production Value on Your Radio Station

DWTM’s Production Manager Carlo Jose Says Quit Radio School

DWTM FM Magic 89.9

If you want to be on the radio, stop learning radio in school. This was the advice of Carlo Jose, Production Manager at the famous Magic 89.9, DWTM FM of Quest Broadcasting Inc. during last month’s Kidlat Awards 2011.

I remember when I just 16, a budding DJ wannabe, who would do anything just to be heard on the radio. I did not know what was in radio, that I got hooked to it, sure it was about getting the hippest music and getting it first, the popularity and the chicks, but I did not realize that until I got IN radio.

Before my radio days, I was just a listener. I did not enjoy all the perks until my first boardwork.

So I believe being on radio is written in your DNA, you don’t go to school to be an announcer. And I remember this was also the very same thing that the late and former mentor of mine, Mr. Alex Sy of Times Broadcasting Network. Continue reading DWTM’s Production Manager Carlo Jose Says Quit Radio School

Free Radio Production FX from Studios Peak

Studios Peak

is proud to announce its new, complete cutting edge sound design package, Plastic Surgery. It contains more than 300 elements that will improve your radio and TV imaging. It is the perfect style and attitude work parts for radio and TV imaging.

Plastic Surgery is comprised of various elements including; starters, work parts, impacts, drones, beds, scapes and more! This ultimate production tool is designed for radio and TV production staff that needs to enable and lift the originality of their production.

Plastic Surgery is now on air on Top Canadian Radio stations namely Astral Media (NRJ) and Corus (CKOI), and the feedback internationally has been overwhelmingly positive.

For a limited time, Studios Peak is offering a 20% discount on the full package if ordered between June 15th and July 15th. USD$888 – 20% (Discount) =USD$710.

Check out the demo on

For additional information please contact

Download free Production FX from Plastic Surgery FX here

Download Free FX for Radio Production

Download Free Production FX

Purchasing a production library is an investment. So you really need to carefully consider which one is right for you. One can go for a monthly subscription or a royalty-free buyout. Whatever your choice, it’s great to get free FX from different libraries. It’s a way of sampling without having to spend money yet. So aside from listening to demos, download free FX from production companies are indeed really helpful.

Here are sites that offer free FX tryouts.


You can view direct download links to free FX here

How Do I Get Artist Drops – IDs for Radio Imaging

Tips On Where To Get Artist Drops

Artist drops are spoken IDs, basically artists introducing themselves. Artist IDs are perfect to use when producing concert spots, power intros and radio station IDs. It adds more weight to your production when listeners actually identify the artist and their voice.

There are a lot of ways you can get artist drops.

1. Swap – you can contact different radio stations especially those in major markets where there are more frequently visited stations. If you are lucky, they might want to allow you a barter.

2. Promotional CDs – you might not notice but those sampler CDs sleeping in your studio shelves might contain gems. Some recording labels include audio bits from the artists.

3. Artist Interviews – practical and common sense. If an artist or  band visits your station, make sure to keep that voice recorder handy. Or before the artist leaves, have him record a quick ID.

4. Subscribe to Online Libraries – online libraries are perfect since you can download the elements right away. Check out the best places to find artist drops here

Get artist-driven, playlist friendly imaging at

How Networking Affects Radio Imaging Creativity

Radio Networking Creative IMaging

Chris Stevens of Jones TM recently wrote an article about the relationship of networking and radio imaging. Here’s the article:

Originally it was an art. In the days of fewer stations on the dial and no networking, you could get away with all sorts of long creative masterpieces. Partly because there was nothing else to lure your audience away, and partly because there were no constraints – let alone focus groups and marketing agency plans.

Then, the 90s arrived. Every sweeper had to be the same length, saying the same words, with possibly a different type of whoosh in the background. Your work would have exciting titles like “A2” or “B3”, and could suddenly be played out remotely, along with 20 other sweepers with the same words for other parts of the country. Woe betide you if it was more than exactly 7.0 seconds, and don’t even suggest sung jingles.

Continue reading here

How To Make Sweepers & Liners That Jump Out Of The Speaker

How to Make Sweepers & Liners That Jump Out Of The Speaker

One of the biggest challenges of producing a station liner is how to effectively turn a 3 seconder into a memorable station imaging piece. Recently, I made some liners for DJ Sky of Sky FM Online, the task is to make a series of liners with just a simple copy, bearing only the words “DJ Sky on Sky FM”.

Since it’s short, the produced ID should be made quick and tight, yet audible enough for the listener to digest the message. When it came time to record the liners, I made different reads and takes. I went from fast to slow and choose only the best voice tracks.

When it was time to enhance the raw voice over, I needed to apply industry-standard tweakings to make the liners pop out of the speakers. On the illustration below, you’ll see the original waveform of the raw voice track.

Download the mixouts from the links below

Send us your script/copy of your free voiceover now at :

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