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Where to Download Artist Drops for Radio Production

Artist Drops

Artist drops are not only great to use in radio production. It has been heard on sweepers, concert promos, and station IDs and they are effective.

The idea is that if you have the real artist speaking in a concert spot for example, the artist drop adds more convincing power to the spot and furthers its capacity to grab the listener’s attention.

Stations like Z100 in New York and KIIS FM Los Angeles use real celebrity sound bites in their radio spots. Not only does it make the production credible, it humanizes the audio.

But most radio stations don’t have that easy access to big stars as those big stations mentioned above. Continue reading Where to Download Artist Drops for Radio Production

How Do I Get Artist Drops – IDs for Radio Imaging

Tips On Where To Get Artist Drops

Artist drops are spoken IDs, basically artists introducing themselves. Artist IDs are perfect to use when producing concert spots, power intros and radio station IDs. It adds more weight to your production when listeners actually identify the artist and their voice.

There are a lot of ways you can get artist drops.

1. Swap – you can contact different radio stations especially those in major markets where there are more frequently visited stations. If you are lucky, they might want to allow you a barter.

2. Promotional CDs – you might not notice but those sampler CDs sleeping in your studio shelves might contain gems. Some recording labels include audio bits from the artists.

3. Artist Interviews – practical and common sense. If an artist or  band visits your station, make sure to keep that voice recorder handy. Or before the artist leaves, have him record a quick ID.

4. Subscribe to Online Libraries – online libraries are perfect since you can download the elements right away. Check out the best places to find artist drops here http://bit.ly/ArtistDrops

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