How Networking Affects Radio Imaging Creativity

Radio Networking Creative IMaging

Chris Stevens of Jones TM recently wrote an article about the relationship of networking and radio imaging. Here’s the article:

Originally it was an art. In the days of fewer stations on the dial and no networking, you could get away with all sorts of long creative masterpieces. Partly because there was nothing else to lure your audience away, and partly because there were no constraints – let alone focus groups and marketing agency plans.

Then, the 90s arrived. Every sweeper had to be the same length, saying the same words, with possibly a different type of whoosh in the background. Your work would have exciting titles like “A2” or “B3”, and could suddenly be played out remotely, along with 20 other sweepers with the same words for other parts of the country. Woe betide you if it was more than exactly 7.0 seconds, and don’t even suggest sung jingles.

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