iFM 93.9 Launches Website Soon, Crushes Love Radio and DWRR


iFM 93.9

Visit their website here

After a significant upgrade on their broadcast equipment, Metro Manila’s Pwede station is now launching its own website – Don’t be frustrated though, the site is still under construction. But definitely, we’ll be expecting exciting things especially now that the station is all up and ready for a big battle.

I personally talked to one of the execs at iFM Manila and they said they will be giving Love Radio, 101.9 DWRR and Barangay LS a run for their money. Seriously, I am 100% confident that iFM will be leading the MM market within the year. Here’s why:

  • Among the radio stations in the Manila, particularly the MASA ones, iFM has the smartest programming and production. iFM may not have a Nicole-Hyala or Chris-Tsuper, but the station definitely has a good selection of music. Just give 93.9 a listen, and you will hear the difference.
  • And speaking of difference – iFM, as mentioned earlier, just upgraded its transmitter. I believe it’s now broadcasting the most if not all of Luzon. But it’s not just only all about COVERAGE, it’s also about CLARITY. When you tune to 93.9 right now, you’ll find it hard to tell the difference between listening to a CD and iFM.
  • iFM is creative. You will find most of its segments very original like the Horoscope ni Tomas, And Mahiwagang Ballpen and many more.

iFM is the first and only radio station in the Philippines that broadcasts in HD. HD Radio or High Definition Radio is now the latest radio broadcast technology in US. In time, HD Radio will replace analog radio broadcast, which really sounds really like HDTVs replacing big bulky tube TVs. HD Radio is digital which means it can transmit data like the song title or weather report which will appear on the ticker of an HD Radio set. Another remarkable thing about HD Radio is you can listen to a variety of music channels from just one radio station frequency.

I also found out that iFM Cebu and Davao are next in the line of broadcast upgrades. Can’t wait for iFM to rule.

There are only a handful of radio stations in the Philippines that don’t sacrifice quality programming for commercialism, iFM is one of them. My hats off to Radio Mindanao Network for coming up with brilliant ideas for radio listeners. Keep it up and crush those radio stations that are running only after money!

Listen to the iFM Pwede jingle by Yeng Constantino:

iFM Jingle Pwede by Yeng Constantino


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