Energy FM Perks Up Online and On Air

Energy FM 91.5 Metro Manila

There are, without a doubt, a lot of new things coming along on the airwaves of Metro Manila. Energy FM, a Manny Luzon-managed FM network just recently upgraded its technical aspects which means that their flagship station in Manila is getting stronger. After years, finally the website got revamped.

You will also notice an obvious transformation of Energy FM’s on air and graphical logo. The Hi-Pangga brand seems to work very effectively, competing side by side with rival stations’ Bestpren, Kabisyo, Kapuso and whatever.

Sad to say though that there is no online streaming link on the new website. Unfortunately too, the website is not geared towards their target audience. I should say that their website should have been in Filipino. I believe their website is kind of boring. But it’s better than nothing.

Have a look at Energy FM’s website at but don’t expect too much.

Here in Metro Cebu, I’d like to commend Energy FM though for crafting good programming. From a listener’s point of view, I believe Energy FM 94.7 is able to live up to its name here. Way to go!

12 thoughts on “Energy FM Perks Up Online and On Air”

  1. HI!

    Tanung ko lang kung ano ung title ng jinggle ng energy fm, ung chorus e “hi pangga, gising ka pa ba?”. ung jingle na tinapat sa jingle ng 90.7 “isagaw mo pa, yeah, love radio…” TY


  2. hai..gudmorning just want to ask kung anong song ung pinlay nyo knina??? Ung girls ang kumanta, english song xa..


  3. pano ko po maririnig tong station nyo? nsa ibang bansa po ako e.. ilang months ko nang hinahanap. d ko parin makita.. namimiss ko nang sobra pinas. lalo n tong station nyo.. πŸ˜€ salamat.. πŸ˜€


  4. hi James, are you from Manila? IM not sure with the song though, kay dami ng labing natitikman kinda reminds of the song TUKSO, layuan mo ako.

    LOL, BTW thanks for ur comment James.


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