Radio Hitlist Update for May 2008: Leona Lewis Tops Charts in Q1

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis Tops Radio Hitlist and Hit Charts

Pop, Ballads

Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love continues to dominate the charts across three radio formats AC, Hot AC and CHR. Leona’s charm and interesting personality, not to mention the fact that she’s a Simon Cowell talent, seem to giver her plenty of advantage.

Check out the Jason Nevins remix for Bleeding Love. Click here.

Jordin Sparks - One At A TimeJordin Sparks is coming up with a follow up to her No Air single which features Chris Brown. The title of the new single is “One Step At A Time”. You can Listen to the track here. The track is a little rhythmic but still has some softness which makes it fitting to be called a ballad.

Rihanna’s Take A Bow is also gaining a lot of airplays lately. Although not all fans are quite impressed with her new boyish haircut. Some say she looks like a Halle Berry while some thinks she’s a guy with boobs. Oh!

Realize by Colbie Caillat is still doing pretty strong. Make sure to add this song to your playlist as this for me is a breather to most of the rhythmic songs that flock today’s playlists.

Mariah Carey - Bye ByeThe biggest newcomer to the soft pop and ballads side of radio hitlists is Mariah Careys’ Bye Bye. Big because it’s a Mariah Carey, plus the fact that her latest Bahamas wedding is giving her such a big favor of publicity. Anyway, your radio station should definitely include it in your weekly or daily countdown.

The song is quite predictable though. But still catchy enough to qualify as a culprit for last song syndrome. This song though, I believe will have a very short shelf life. So, your radio station should play it while it’s still hot.


Well, speaking of big and Mariah Carey, here is a sure huge hit that’s been like gaining a mammoth amount of requests and airplays. David Cook’s cover for Always Be My Baby is now one of the most played songs in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. I don’t think major stations in the US are giving this guy a chance.

David Cook - Always Be My BabyI think David Cook’s success can be attributed to the fact that he’s a Chris Daughtry sound-a-like. Oops, no offence to DC fans, because I’m a DC fan too. People are like wanting to hear more Daughtry songs.

Check out all the other upcoming and good performing songs on the airwaves below.




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