New Kids On The Block Returns: Summertime

New Kids On The Block Summertime free mp3 download2007 was the year when Spice Girls returned in the music scene. It did create a ripple but not that quite. Now come summer of 2008 another 90s pop music phenomenon is returning and these guys are blowing fans away in the US and in around the world. The NKOTB is back with a “synthy” pop track called Summertime, just a perfect comeback song for the 90s boy band which of course we last heard back in 1994.

It’s been indeed fourteen years since we heard the guys performing and almost like ten years since we last heard Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre who both went solo in the late 90s. One of Jordan Knight’s memorable solo hits is Give It To You. Joey McIntyre went with the softer side of pop as he is best remembered with the song Stay The Same.

The album is yet to be named but all digital stores will be officially opening their sales for the New Kids On The Block returning album on May 13. The group’s first public performance will be in New York during the Z100 FM Zootopia Concert on May 17.

Make sure your radio station is going to be right on the time when the album will be out. Make sure too that you will be the first station to introduce it on your market. In the US as of first week of May, Summertime has already reached the second spot on the list of the most played new singles.



4 thoughts on “New Kids On The Block Returns: Summertime”

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  2. Okay so I was not a crazy fan for New Kids on the Block when I was younger. But I can remember that my best friend was a fanatic. I remember she had the dolls and everything. So like everyone from the past the New Kids are getting back together and dropping a new album soon. Want to know what they have been up to and what the future holds for them check out to catch and interview with the kids.


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