Festival for Radio A Huge Sucess, Organizers Look Forward to Year 5

As Bob Dylan would say, radio is part of the soundtrack of our lives.

That is why thousands of people last June 1 to 3 gathered at the Sempione Park to participate in “Radio City Milano”.

The fourth edition of the festival “celebrates radio, the most widespread and popular means of communication in the world, an extraordinary tool for cultural dissemination and information”, as explained by the Culture Councilor Filippo Del Corno, “who brings to the city the radio in every form reflecting the multiplicity of languages ​​used in radio, the diversity of contents and messages of the various broadcasters.

And at the Sempione, between Piazza del Cannone and the Triennale gardens, temporary studios have been set up for the most beloved Italian and international radio stations.

With the artistic direction of Filippo Solibello and the production of Punk For Business, RadioCity was a huge successful party (free and open to all) but also a nice look into Milan, because, according to Tourism Councilor Roberta Guaineri, “more than twenty radio stations were present at the show contributing to spread the knowledge of the charm and beauty that characterize the city”.

The festival reached thousands of people live and millions of listeners thanks to the connections with the most listened to stations.

From Radio Deejay to Virgin Radio, from Rmc to Radio Italia, which broadcasted from Piazza del Cannone with guests Le Vibrazioni and The Journalists.

From Radio 24 to Rds, Emma, ​​Annalisa and Dolcenera hosted a workshop focused on the role of radio.

With the success of the event, organizers are now looking forward to next year’s festival.

What is RadioCity Festival

From the RadioCity team:

RadioCity is a unique world festival of radios, with the best radio shows, the best DJs, the hosts, the speakers, the journalists, who come to Milan to broadcast live from temporary studios, for three days, to their own country, in their own language, in front of the live and international audience.

Any station can join the festival for free, as they are provided all the tech equipment and the connection they need to broadcast to their country, and organizers will also help you with technicians to be sure that the participating stations can work in the best conditions and with the best hardware and software.

Contact the team at this page www.radiocitymilano.it/en/contatti/


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