Station Announces Innovation in Radio

Yesterday at the headquarters in Via Asiago in Rome, Radio Rai presented many innovations: two new channels and a totally digital supply chain on the whole offer, which will also bring a customized radio journal.

The projects were announced with the name of “R (adio) evolution” by the director of Radio Rai Roberto Sergio, together with Rai’s Chief Digital Officer Gian Paolo Tagliavia, the Chief Technology Officer Stefano Ciccotti, the director of Radio 1 Gerardo Greco and Radio 2 Paola Marchesini.

The new proposals include Radio2 Indie , described as “the trend channel of the future, of the new independent rock and alternative scene, but also of new Italian pop music and exclusive live events”.

In short, the desire expressed byMax Casacci a few months ago about the idea that the public service should have a channel dedicated to contemporary music, even if in the desires of the producer the channel should have been television.

It will be necessary to understand how the radio channel will be able to compete with the streaming offers, given that the audience of the Italian “indie” (as Mamma Rai wants to call it) did not grow with the radio, but with the possibility of listening to everything on demand, and if this operation will serve the scene to gain public.

Radio2 Indie will start on June 21st , and the first song to be aired will be “Paracetamolo” of Calcutta , taken from his new album “Evergreen” released on May 25th.

And, as the press notes, “artists like Ghali , Iosonouncane , Liberato , Carl Brave , Marie Antoinette , Andrea Laszlo De Simone , Pop X , Sick Tamburo , Verdenaand also many international artists, in a great flow of free music, always new, trendy, all in a single channel, which has no preclusions of styles and sounds, but with a single common denominator: always offer before everything else everything that makes style.

It will also be an opportunity to propose live concerts, deepenings in the sign of music, capable of making radio listeners enter even more “.

The new channel will also be available in the Dab + bouquet of RadioRai, on the Digital Terrestre Tv and on the web and RaiPlayRadio app.

Roberto Sergio comments on the news of Radio Rai: “With these two channels (the other is Rai Radio1 Sport ed) our offer of radio increases and brings the total number to 12.

A rich offer, unthinkable only a few years ago, which positions Rai Radio among the main players in the production of audio content, whether for entertainment, information or culture “.


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