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New Cherry Americas Microphone Products for Podcasters, Streamers offer Function, Fair Pricing

Cherry Americas, a division of the global leader in computer input devices, today announced the debut of the CHERRY UM Microphone Series, an innovative new portfolio of computer microphones and companion items for streaming and office usage. The introduction of the new product line signifies a significant extension of CHERRY’s product range into the field of sound and microphones.

CHERRY, the global leader in mechanical key switches and a pioneer and pacesetter in computer, office, and gaming input devices and accessories, is expanding its audio offering with three sleek new microphones for work and leisure. The CHERRY UM Microphone Series allows everyone, from novices to pro streamers, to expand their setups with distinctive designs and the highest audio recording quality available. The new product range is ideal for today’s computing environments, where communication and collaboration take place remotely and podcasts and live streaming are commonplace.

“We’re launching the CHERRY UM Microphone Series on Valentine’s Day because we’re confident people will love the exceptional quality, ease of use, and sleek design of these new audio products,” said Richard Simone, CEO of Cherry Americas. “CHERRY is recognized globally for high-quality products and innovation in computer input devices and components. We’re excited to bring those same enduring qualities to computer audio and microphones.”

Richard Simone, CEO of Cherry Americas

Three Fantastic New Microphones
The UM 3.0, UM 6.0 ADVANCED, and UM 9.0 PRO RGB USB microphones are ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from the office to the professional streaming studio. The microphones, which are made of high-quality components, provide ideal sound for virtual meetings.

These USB mics in the UM series are made to last and have appealing features that make them extremely easy to use. The microphones come with a solid metal stand, touch-to-mute feature, volume control right on the microphone, an integrated headphone port, and Plug & Play compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5.

The Office Microphone, CHERRY UM 3.0
The UM 3.0 has a scanning rate of 96 KHz and a bit depth of 24 bits and is intended for single-person use due to its directional cardioid capsule. It is ideal for home usage and produces great sound during video conferencing. The CHERRY UM 3.0 can also record podcasts, voiceovers, and musical instruments.

CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED – A Flexible Option
The UM 6.0 ADVANCED has a choice of ‘cardioid’ or ‘omnidirectional’ polar patterns and can record inputs from two directions at 96 KHz and 24 bits. A shock mount function prevents sound distortion caused by vibrations by entirely decoupling the mic from the metal stand through robust rubber bands.

The Ultimate in Sound and Color Effects with the CHERRY UM 9.0 PRO RGB
With a scanning rate of 192 KHz and 24 bits, the UM 9.0 PRO RGB is the microphone for anybody who wants to get the most out of their recordings. With the stroke of a button, users may choose between the “cardioid,” “omnidirectional,” “bidirectional,” and “stereo” polar patterns, capturing audio sources exactly out of any desired direction.

More information is available online at: www.cherryamericas.com