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K-Pop New Music Coming This February 2023 You Should Not Miss

The K-pop landscape is heating up, with both seasoned and young performers releasing new music in February.

Epik High kicks off the month with the release of their extended play (EP) “Strawberry,” which features GOT7 member Jackson Wang and Hwasa of the female group Mamamoo.

The EP arrives nearly a year after “Epik High Is Here (Part 2),” the second installment of the band’s tenth studio album.

BSS, a trio made up of Seventeen members, will release their album “Second Wind” on February 6. It is the sub-first group’s appearance since its debut in March 2018.

Korean rapper Lee Youngji and Norwegian vocalist Peder Elias appear on the three-track EP.

Meanwhile, Ha Sung-woon, a former Wanna One member who is presently completing his required military service, will release a digital song called “Snowy Stars” on February 8.

Key, a part of the renowned boy band SHINee, will launch “Killer,” a repackage of his sophomore album “Gasoline,” on February 13.

The repackage includes three new songs in addition to the 11 tunes from “Gasoline,” which was published in August 2022.

TripleS, a girl group, will make their debut with “Assemble” on the same day.

According to a Korea JoongAng Daily article, the act is supposed to feature 24 members, but only 10 will take part in the debut.

The 4-member Asian sub-group Acid Angel, who produced the track “Generation,” helped TripleS first come to public prominence last year.

The single albums “Teddy Bear” and “W.A.Y” from the female groups STAYC and Tri.be, respectively, will be released on February 14.

The following day, female act Purple Kiss will release its fifth EP “Cabin Fever,” while TNX, the first idol group formed by “Gangnam Style” hitmaker Psy, will release its first EP “Love Never Dies.”

The Boyz, a prominent boy band, is set to release their eighth EP “Be Awake” on February 20.


KBS ‘Music Bank’ Group ITZY Update and Latest Projects

On March 15, KBS ‘Music Bank’ first place went to the 5-member girl group ‘ITZY’ who finished the activity. It is already the ninth place that ‘did’ which debuted in January took first place in major music broadcasting. He made his debut at No. 1 on the eleventh day, and the first race continued. The YouTube view of his debut song “Dalda Dalya” also exceeded 10 million on the first day of February 10, exceeding 50 million in a week. As of mid-March, it has surpassed 85 million views. It is an unusually high score for the girl group’s debut song.

People say that they feel the impression of their group debut, which is one of the most memorable memories of the past. Unlike in the past, even the newcomers of traditional large-scale companies are taking a considerable time to get to market. That’s why the performance of ‘yes’ and JYP Entertainment is even more amazing.

‘Girl Crush’ Beyond ‘Tin Crush’

The keyword ‘is’ is ‘tin crush’. It is a very arbitrary word, but roughly speaking, it is a concept of “teen crush”, which refers to a woman with a clear charisma, plus teenage vigor. In short, it is a group that uses intense themes, but it has the key to being lively and light. It is the reason that ‘is’ contrasts with the black pink of the intense image, and contrasts with the tweet of the bright and cute image. The music and video of “Dalda Dalla” also fit well with this concept. The combination of a clear, heavier sound with a clearly stretched house beat adds tension. In the refrain suddenly a bright and familiar melody pops out and emphasizes “I am different” with a theme such as ” In the music video, surveillance cameras symbolize public attention to members, suggesting that members may reject it. The urban scenery that is spread out in the background is distorted by the vivid color and noise as symbolizing the dreams and arbitrary ten eyes. The members demonstrate confident smiles in different ways, digging proficient and dynamic choreography.

The completeness of songs and music videos for idol is not all about winning. The members who caught the attention of the public at a glance seem to be unique and outstanding. It is a reaction from male fans, but it seems to be particularly attractive to female fans. On the stage, there are charismatic performances with sharp eyes, and when they talk or laugh, there are those who look like a ‘quack’ and get lost even more. There have been times when the presence of male fans in the idol market has been on the rise, but there are many indications that loyalty and aggressive consumption power as fandom are not enough for women. As a result, the girl group has recently been focusing on female fans intensively.

Truth About Kang Daniel Issue with LM Entertainment

The news came out that Kang Daniel had left the hotel. LM Entertainment announced on 26th that it was legal, and it is revealed that Kang Daniel has acted as a reader in recent years, while Kang Daniel and his company are in full swing.

According to a separate report by Sportive News on Wednesday, Kang Daniel moved all his belongings from his company’s premises before he sent proof to his agency earlier this month.

In addition, LM Entertainment has changed the recent contact in a disputed contract, and only contacts through an agency and legal representative. Along with the departure of Kang Daniel, he is said to have been out of contact with Warner One members for a long time now.

It seems that Kang Daniel is acting carefully to take legal action. Kang Daniel, a former fan-cafe, said he is currently in a dispute with LM Entertainment, and on January 21, he filed a preliminary injunction against his company through a law firm, Yulchon. LM Entertainment has concluded a joint venture contract to transfer the exclusive contractual rights to a third party without the consent of Kang Daniel.

LM Entertainment said on the 26th that “Kang Daniel sent a notice of cancellation of false facts, and his company did not transfer the contractual rights to a third party.”

Why Wont K-Pop Stars Visit This Country?

The highly anticipated Love Yourself – Speak Yourself Tour of BTS will start next May 4th at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, California. With this new tour, just a few months after the Love Yourself Tour, the Korean band, beloved all over the world, will also return to perform in the Old Continent.

The BTS have in fact managed, in these years, to climb the charts of half the world, earning the stage of some of the most important European stadiums. The boy band composed of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V and Jungkook will perform on 1 and 2 June at the Wembley Arena in London and on 7 and 8 June at the Stade de France in Paris. Needless to say, of course, tickets for their European concerts have sold out in no time at all.

The Italian BTS Army (not to mention that of other countries that have had the same fate) in any case finds itself once again “snubbed” by the K-Pop band. Unfortunately, at least for this time, the BTS have not included in their calendar any live Italian appointment. But why don’t the BTS, and more generally the K-Pop artists, come to our country?

The answer to this question is provided by the nice Seoul Mafia, a well-known youtuber that for several years now has lived between Italy and South Korea, the home of K-Pop.

In the Q&A video you find below, Marco Ferrara (this is his real name) explained that this type of band is asking for very high numbers for their engagements. To date, unfortunately, the organizers of the concerts cannot really afford to pay artists who, in our country, would probably risk not registering sold out in stadiums and arenas.

What do you think of K-Pop? Would you be willing to take a flight to enjoy the BTS concert even in another country?