Truth About Kang Daniel Issue with LM Entertainment

The news came out that Kang Daniel had left the hotel. LM Entertainment announced on 26th that it was legal, and it is revealed that Kang Daniel has acted as a reader in recent years, while Kang Daniel and his company are in full swing.

According to a separate report by Sportive News on Wednesday, Kang Daniel moved all his belongings from his company’s premises before he sent proof to his agency earlier this month.

In addition, LM Entertainment has changed the recent contact in a disputed contract, and only contacts through an agency and legal representative. Along with the departure of Kang Daniel, he is said to have been out of contact with Warner One members for a long time now.

It seems that Kang Daniel is acting carefully to take legal action. Kang Daniel, a former fan-cafe, said he is currently in a dispute with LM Entertainment, and on January 21, he filed a preliminary injunction against his company through a law firm, Yulchon. LM Entertainment has concluded a joint venture contract to transfer the exclusive contractual rights to a third party without the consent of Kang Daniel.

LM Entertainment said on the 26th that “Kang Daniel sent a notice of cancellation of false facts, and his company did not transfer the contractual rights to a third party.”


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