Radio Jocks Rave About The Film The Dirt

The life of the musicians was always interesting. It is a chance to get a glimpse of their unique world, and you can also see the reconstruction of renowned tunes and performances. There is enough room to satisfy both fans and existing fans. The scope also covers films and dramas as well as documentaries and boasts different charms. One of many singers, each episode of their episode becomes a scene and becomes a movie.

Nicky Six, who renovated and renovated her parents earlier, Vince Neil, who turns her eyes from a woman, Tommy Lee, who has to fill her handcuffs when she can not sleep, and the world’s most pessimist, Mick Mam. If you are extraordinary since you were a child, you have been living an extraordinary life. It is music that connects people who seemed to be unable to hang out even with death. The name of ‘Mtree Crew’ goes on stage, and they start a frenzy of fearlessness.

There is always a dilemma facing the musicians. It is necessary to establish a clear pathway among the stable episodes for popularity and commerciality, and the true story of the original. Whichever one you choose, you have to actually give up the other, but that does not mean that balancing is impossible. The queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was a success story that focused on the former, and the ‘Straight Out of Compton’ which was the NWA.

Of course, the films mentioned had a spleen card that would be plus alpha, and beyond that, the presence of the movie. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ awakened fans who were sleeping in the hearts of audiences around the world, and ‘Straight Out of Compton’ showed the birth of hip-hop, a trend and culture. I just had something that could be shown only by the movie, which was exciting and eye-catching.
On the other hand, “dirt” is not very good. Even if you do not rule out subjective standards like mtree crew’s popularity or popularity, the events you are dealing with and the way you put them together are a jiggle. The history of Mtree Crew has no constant chatter as it is depicted in the movie. It is all the people who have lived up to the desires and pleasures from beginning to end, who have been living everyday lives of other people without brakes.

I was the manager of Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Skidrow, and Keith, but there is no band that makes me as sick as Morty Crew
– manager McGee
I tried to approach a kind of band movie like the conflict between the members and the pain of the individual. But there is no paradoxical combination as ‘good mtree crew’. In the end, the place to go back is a pleasure that has been pursued all along. It is a cheerful sight for a person who has become a fan of Murtree’s crew, but it is inevitable for those who are not.

In addition, ‘Dirtt’ focuses on four histories of exactly Nicky Six, Mick Math, Tommy Lee, and Vince Neil, rather than Mt. Crew as a band. John Korabina, who joined in the middle of the band, and the band’s record label, seemed to have little intention of telling people who are not “fans” to be attracted to Mtree Crew. It may be aimed at, but it is a way of sorting out the target audiences that are still limited.

The most dramatic figure based on three-dimensional looks is by far the blonde vocals Vince Neil. Standing at each crossroads, it is best suited to a dramatic movie compared to a consistent Nikki Mick. If it was from another movie, such as a traffic accident that took an old friend, or a daughter who loved her more than anyone else, the curvature that was able to cliche was rather special. On the contrary, it is indefatigable enough to make something obvious, but it barely catches the moral equilibrium of a film that is about to collapse in one direction.

The fact that the so-called ‘breaking the wall’ is not actively used, as the characters look at the camera and talk to the audience, also hinders the film’s potential. It is quite interesting that the scenes in front of the eyes that were thought to be in chronological order were reconstructed according to the memories of the characters. It implies the possibility that the true story will change according to the preference of the individual, and it may substitute the personality of the person to show the manner of handling the specific event.

However, as with other “episodes” in the movie, the film does not seem to even use it as a kind of finesse, only occasionally using it for the fun of the moment. If you touch it, you could call it a few times, such as substituting hundreds of words or putting a big reversal on it, but even if you go beyond the middle half, the movie even forgets the power of your own production.
So ‘The Dirt’ is a movie for those who have only been a fan of Mtree Crew, something that has been boiling in their hearts for their walk. This is a movie for those who like to take a sigh of admiration that it was a rock spirit and this was a good time. The same scene is likely to be familiar to rock fans, and is likely to be shocking to ordinary movie fans. Perhaps it was better to strengthen the strengths of the performances or cross-editing with the interviews.


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