DWRR 101.9 For Life 2005 and 2007 Station ID Jingles

WRR 101.9 Old Logo

I had goosebumps after reviewing an article I wrote four years ago. I thought I made a prophecy that came true, but did I? I was talking about the launch of WRR 101.9 For Life’s new jingle on September 1, 2007. The new jingle was sung by Raimund Marasigan and Yeng Constantino.

I said that the jingles were going to run for another two years or until some major changes. And some “major changes” did happen two years after 2007, WRR was re-branded as “Tambayan 101.9”.

Here is a part of that article, published September 14, 2007:

“It’s very interesting to know how jingles of ABS-CBN’s flagship FM station – DWRR had evolved over the years. Since it’s reformat in 1996, DWRR has commissioned icons from both TV and recording fields. In 1999, Jolina Magdangal, who was then a talent of ABS-CBN and Jimmy Bondoc collaborated to voice the jingle for the new WRR 101.9 For Life brand. This was not however the first time that a Philippine station has produced local jingle IDs for its imaging. But it was the first time in years, that jingles were proven to be effective identification tools for a radio station. For many years, competing stations in Metro Manila depended on international jingle companies such as Jam Creative Productions and TM Century.

Five years, later, a revamped version of the WRR 101.9 For Life was released this time with vocals from Heart Evangelista and Erik Santos. The jingle became another huge hit despite having the same melody and lyrics. In 2005, novelty superstar Vhong Navarro gave another flavor to 101.9 For Life’s imaging. This time, the station’s updated slogan “Alam Mo Na Yan” was incorporated in the lyrics.

And two years later, after going from mellow to pop, pop to novelty, the For Life jingle has metamorphed into a new genre of music which is definitely dominating the playlists and hit charts of radio station across the country. The 2007 101.9 For Life jingle has a pop rock flavor which fits the station’s current playlist.

After 2 months of air play, the 2007 101.9 For Life jingle received varied feedbacks from both avid and non avid listeners. But in a way, it became very effective, since the station was able to grab the attention of audience outside their target market. Listeners of NU107, a rock station, are now checking on the 101.9 dial point. But then again, not everyone is happy with the jingle.

The 2007 101.9 For Life jingle is expected to run for another two years. But until radio playlist trends shift into another course, Yeng and Itchyworms voice in the 101.9 For Life jingles might be staying for an extended time. Congratulations to ABS-CBN for another catchy jingle!

2007 WRR 101.9 Jingle by Raimund Marasigan (Itchyworms) & Yeng Constantino

2005 WRR 101.9 Jingle by Vhong Navarro

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  1. Does the station accept free advertisements for the soft launch of a bubble tea shop soon to open in Paranaque City sometime in August 2012? Would appreciate a reply. Thanks and God bless!

    Best regards,
    Raymund Frando


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