103.5 Max FM Format-Flips To Wow FM


After 15 years, and 4 format flips, 103.5 gets another facelift, this time it’s nose diving as a Hot AC “pang-masa” brand – “Wow FM”. Frontlining the new format is Mr. Fu of Energy FM and Laila Chikadora of Tambayan 101.9.  This is The Radio Partner, Inc’s first radio format targeting the C-D-E market.

When it launches on August 23,  it will be Metro Manila’s 8th “masa” radio station. Listener’s response, especially those from avid Max FM followers, is diverse. There are some that don’t like reformat since it will only add to the ‘over saturation’ of masa stations in MM. Currently there are 24 commercial stations operating in the Metro, 7 of them are masa stations.

There are also those who are highly anticipating the launch. With Mr. Fu and Laila Chikadora, it will be a promising station to make. And of course, no one could be more excited than the owner. Masa stations undoubtedly are big selling formats. I humbly believe TRPI also chose 103.5 to flip format strategically. It will increase the cluster of masa stations since it is neighbor to other barriotic stations – Yes FM 101.1, Tambayan 101.9, and 102.7 Star FM.

The Wow FM brand isn’t so exciting. In the provinces, there are stations that carry “Wow” in their monickers, like RGMA’s “Wow Nindota Ah” in Davao City and Iligan City. Wow FM is a good brand, though, to compete with established names like Love Radio and Energy FM.

Not all, format flips are successful. It takes a good blend of music, a slate of talented, out of whack, original, funny, tolerable on air personalities, top notch production, imaging and programming, and of course, ratings, to pull of a successful masa station.

Good luck to Wow FM. May the listeners be Wowed.

103.5 Max FM Scoped Aircheck June 6, 2010

Wow FM 103.5 Lahveet is online. Visit their website here



31 thoughts on “103.5 Max FM Format-Flips To Wow FM”

  1. sa lahat po ng dj sori s nganap nung nkaraan d2 smen s dongalo lalo n ky miss angelina ……sori pu tlga nag martial kming mga tau gamma phi ng dongalo chapter pero ndi nmen nkuha ung bumato ng bote ng c2 pcnxa n pu tlga ….ako n pu humihingi ng pcnxa sa nagngyari …paborito ko pu ang stasyon nyo kya nga nag half day ako nun sa trabaho pra mkita lng kau …ndi m4tante sken ung mga banda ang m4tante sken ung mkita sna lahat ng dj ng wow fm …sori din dun kt angelo cruz mejo my sayad pu ata un sana pu wag kaung madala n bumisita dto smen …….ito pu nunber ko 09126136907 or pki add nlng pu mr.jail23@yahoo.com ..tenks pu ….



  2. Nka2lungkot nmn kc some filipinos dont apreciate their own language always pretending that their western eh pinoy nmn cla…lokohin b tlga ang sarili!!!! =(


  3. jam 88.3, wave 89.1, magic 89.9, 92.3 x fm, monster radio rx 93.1, mellow 94.7, home radio 97.9, 99.5 rt, NU 107, are still the best. Don’t support those barriotic stations.. Everytime i hear those masa stations i get pissed off. Their DJs are so tactless, msakit sa tenga kung tumawa wala nmang nka2tawa.. They don’t know the word formal..


  4. i’ve listened to 103.5 for 7 years when it’s still 103.5 k-lite, manila’s lite alternative.. when klite is gone, so is 103.5… now it’s my most hated place on radio.. i’m very disappointed with the reformatting thing.. Surely i’m a Class A-B listener.. Now i’m back to Monster Radio RX 93.1..


  5. i’ve listened to 103.5 for 7 years when it’s still 103.5 k-lite, manila’s lite alternative.. when klite is gone, so is 103.5… now it’s my most hated place on radio.. i’m very disappointed with the reformatting thing..


  6. Medyo bastos na magsalita si Mr. Fu dito, no offense… mas prangka na bastos na siya magsalita compare nung nasa energy fm pa siya…


  7. max fm is indeed way better than masa station but i do appreciate them both its a matter of music preferences, btw hope there’s still non-stop house & techno music out there they can offer…


  8. Nung nag upgrade ung K-lite to Max, tsaka lang ako nahilig sa radyo, ang gagaling kasi ng mga dj(Sarge, Kelly, King DJ Logan, Peter Clay, Drei, and others..) at ang gaganda ng shows, lalo na ng mixes and music.

    it comes nga na ang tanging kalaban lang ng Magic 89.9 is 103.5 Max fm,,(before). ang galing ng market nila,

    tapos ngayon isa ng masa station Max,avid listeners for sure didn’t like this reformat as much as i did.



  9. THIS SUCKS BIG TIME!!! (NO offense) pero puro kabaklaan lang makukuha mo dito e, and your wondering why we can’t speak or communicate in English anymore?
    HATE! HATE! HATE! The station

    Missing Bryan Scott & Scarlet in the Morning!


    1. MBC had their 1st venture into the class A market (96.3 Easy Rock). Therefore, TRPI har their 1st venture into the masa market (103.5 Wow FM). There are just 1st times in life.


  10. i got surprised why max sounded like a barriotic station, not until i knew dat that a format happened 😦 so i got sad coz its my fave station dat plays purely house-techno-party-dance genre songs..and dame na ngang barok na radio stations!! dadagdagan pa!! what the hell!! >.< *pissed*


  11. VERY UNFORTUNATE….to think that MAX is one of the “classy” station now its Crap.

    too bad they have to succumb to this kind of format


  12. I think youré right, Our Country seems to be oversaturated with Masa Stations, Our country seems to be have bombarded with mainstream Masa Radio Stations, Well hopefully, they can put up an English Station in Laoag, just like what happend in Iligan, Sana they put up more English Stations in our country, since our country is oversaturated with Masa Stations


  13. Here in Ilocos Norte, there are 3 mainstream FM stations, and TWO of them are masa stations [MBC’s Love Radio and RMN’s IFM]. ABS-CBN’s MOR does not seem to be a masa station, but I am not sure since I do not listen to MOR that much. When I was a kid, Dream FM had a relay station here, but it closed down. This means that here in our province, masa stations really blow up. I wish that there will be an English station here, just like what happened in Iligan City.


    1. have you heard of U-Radio’s brief stint in Laoag? they’re coming back. I’m fixin’ their papers now in Manila…


  14. Whaaaa… It the only station play dance/club music… nawala pa… ayaw ko na makinig dyan…. i hate class c radio station… very annoying like their music…


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