Aircheck – Home Radio 97.9

Home Radio 97.9

Home Radio 97.9 reminds of a station in the US called Jack FM. Not to compare, but the imaging approach of the station works just the same as the Jack FM format. Jackie obviously is a rip off of Jack. The Jack FM format is we-play-what-you-want. Their imaging consists of a voice guy named Jack, who does all the station liners and talking. Home Radio originally was a no-DJ format, meaning there were no DJs talking, apart from the announcer whose name is Jackie.

Jackie’s personality is very much like Jack, happy go lucky, careless, witty, funny, and sometimes sarcastic. Not everyone loves her, in fact, I learned some listeners get irritated with Jackie, but apparently a lot of listeners love the Home Radio format. In Manila, Home Radio is an adult contemporary radio station. In Cebu, the franchise sports a CHR format.

Home Radio 97.9 is operated by Aliw Broadcasting Corporation.

Here is an aircheck of the station.


2 thoughts on “Aircheck – Home Radio 97.9”

  1. hello dj jackie .. how are you? nais ko po sanang itanong ang title at singer nitong mga kantang ito … hope its alright with you and i knew you would 🙂

    1. yong my lyrics na… (cho: baby i still believe in us together its gotta be the way come wat may baby i still believe in us together i know that our love for each other will keep us stronger everyday)
    2. lyrics …. ( cho: if i cant hold you a long time can i hold you for a while if u cant give me tommorrow can you give me ur past if i cant kiss you in this real world ill kiss you in my dream cant go on living if i cant love you)

    thanks and more power



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