Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Returns to Y101 FM Cebu

Rick Dees WT40 returns to Y101 FM, DYIO FM, Cebu City, Philippines. Y101 is the market’s leading Top 40 station and the return of the Weekly Top 40 after about a five year hiatus will yet again strengthen the station’s lead in the province. The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 is set to compete with American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest which airs in the competing Killerbee FM network.

Rick Dees Returns to Y101 FM

Listen to a scoped aircheck on July 26, 2010 showcasing DJ Jiggy Junior


One thought on “Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Returns to Y101 FM Cebu”

  1. I will be getting all this on the net and on air [ the radio] i need a jingle making up.

    in a deep voice your listening to sounds of rock from the mad proffessor an hes gonna rock you down to your underwear…ooohhh!!!!!! ending with a big laugh on an echo fadding out..
    if you or anyone can help it would be fantastic.
    only im doing loads everyday and im running out of time to do everythink i have to do…chris…proff.


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