Z100 New York Phone Tap March 4, 2013, Elvis Duran And The Morning Show

Z100 New York

New York’s Hit Music Station and home of Elvis Duran!

Online at http://www.z100.com/

Twitter @Z100NewYork,

and listen through iHeartRadio!

WHTZ (100.3 FM) — branded Z100 — is a commercial pop/contemporary hit radio(CHR) radio station licensed to Newark, New Jersey serving the New York metropolitan area.

The station is currently owned by Clear Channel Communications. The WHTZ transmitter is located on the Empire State Building.

The call letters are supposed to represent the word “hits”; indeed, an early advertising campaign for the station claimed that HTZ was “The New Way to Spell ‘Hits’ in New York.”

Z100′s current slogan is “New York’s Hit Music Station.”, used in tandem on-air with “All The Hits”.

The long-running “#1″ part of the slogan was removed in 2007. The former slogan was “Today’s Best Music.”

Z100 is considered the 2nd largest pop/CHR/Top 40 station in the world after BBC Radio 1, pulling in an audience of 5 million daily.

Additionally, according to the radio industry website, RadioStats.Net, Z100′s site is the most visited US CHR website in the world and, in fact, one of the most frequented radio websites overall.


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