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iFM 93.9 Manila Aircheck June 29, 2010

iFM 93.9

This is a scoped aircheck of iFM 93.9 DWKC FM Manila, air date June 5, 2010, showcasing the i-1o Countdown. The i10 iFM Nationwide Countdown airs every Saturday 12:00 noon, Replays on Wednesday 6:00 pm. It’s more than just a countdown. With DJ Yumi, Bojo B. & Kuholito.

Listen to iFM 93.9 Aircheck June 2010

Visit their website here


Love Radio 90.7 Aircheck June 5, 2010

Love Radio 90.7 syndicated the KIIS Suite 2007 package from ReelWorld

Here is an aircheck of Love Radio 90.7 showcasing their station imaging, on air personality Ricompanero and resings of ReelWorld’s KIIS Suite 2007 package.

Love Radio 90.7 Aircheck

Wild FM 92.3 Davao Radio Aircheck

Wild FM Aircheck

Found on my archive, a 2007 off-air montage of Wild FM 92.3 Davao. Wild FM has a very good set of imaging. In CDO, Wild FM use CHR-like imaging for their hot ac “masa” format. In Cebu, Wild FM is more of a college-top 40 station.

Wild FM’s jingles are a syndication of a package produced by Thompson Creative. Listen to the audio below.

2007 Aircheck of Wild FM Davao

Original KIIS FM Package by Thompson Creative

Mediaquest, audioWAV Launch WAV FM

WAV FM Cebu Opens
WAV FM Cebu Opens

Mediaquest, a subsidiary of SMART TELECOM, partners with audioWAV for WAV FM. Eight terrestrial Radio stations. WAV FM is a new format on a 2-2 mix airing in 8 key cities in the country. The network plays all the number one hits from all parts of the globe mixed in with OPM (Original Pilipino Music).

WAV FM is now airing in Cebu and Davao. WAV will start hitting the airwaves in Naga next week, and soon to make WAVes in Baguio, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Baguio and more!

Tune in to WAV FM Cebu Live Stream thru keyword: WAV FM Cebu.

WAV FM Sound Byte

WAV FM 101.9 Aircheck September 29, 2009

BER Kickoff Fresh Imaging for the BER Months

iFM 2009 Jingle, i10 Countdown Promo

i10 Countdown Team
i10 Countdown Team

While other radio stations in Metro Manila are sporting on their brand new spanking jingles made in the United States, iFM is loud and proud to be airing their homegrown jingles created by today’s promising artists.

In 2006, iFM wowed the radio industry when they commissioned the top artists in the Philippine Music Industry to sing their new jingles iFM Pwede jingle. Stars like Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, Gloc 9, Andrew E, Zelle among others, sang iFM to its top spot in the ratings games.

In 2009, vocalist Byron Ricamara of the band Squeezer, gave the iFM jingle and a whole new sound. In the tradition of electronic punk rock hits of today as Metro Station, 30H!3, and Cobra Starship, the new iFM “Siguradong Enjoy Ka” jingle is another ground breaking production.

Sa iFM, Siguradong Enjoy Ka by Byron Ricamara

iFM also scored with its hit nationwide program The i10 Countdown hosted by a crack team of presenters : DJ Yumi, Bojo B and Kuholito. The unique way of presenting this chart program is what makes this show stand out. My hats off once again to production genius Mr. Van O and to the creative staff of iFM.

i10 Countdown Promo

i10 Outro and iFM Top of Hour (Offair Montage)

How to Image Oldies Station in a Contemporary Way

MOR 97.1 Cebu Turns 13, Lingaw Sobra!

DYLS FM My Only Radio 97.1 Lupig Sila turns 13 years. In line, MOR sports a new tagline “Lupig Sila, Lingaw Sobra”, which still sticks to the LS calls. And as well a new lineup for their on air personalities.

New DJs:
* Baby Jelly
* Jackie Gonzales
* Piolo Askal
* Frankie Hunky

Baby Jelly is an import from MOR Cagayan de Oro. The station is still looking for DJs up until now.

Listen to Piolo Askal Aircheck Taken July 21, 2009 12:23 Noon

Visit MOR 97.1 fansite Website Here

Listen to MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu

99.5 DWR-TFM Jingles Complete

The first time I was in Manila, the first radio station I tuned into was DWR-TFM, undoubtedly it was the Z100 or the KIIS FM of the Philippines. 99.5 had and always has the complete ingredients that makes a CHR station complete. Great jocks, cool contests, and four to floor radio imaging.

DWR-TFM surely has the best radio imaging in town. You name it, they got jingles from TM Century to Thompson Creative.

Their jingles really defined what CHR station should be in the Philippines. My friend here j5bata shared his airchecks and off air montage of DWR-TFM jingles. I didn’t know there were more of them.

One of the resings here, I recognize it coming from an original KIIS jingle package.

The rest, wow, some jingles are classic, that date back to the PAMS era. PAMS was the popular jingle company in the U.S. in the 50s. Check out the jingles here on his YouTube video.

99.5 DWRTFM Aircheck on First Day of Broadcast Return

Here are a couple of goodies for all ye 995 fans out there. The first YouTube vid here is an off air compilation of 995 imaging and jingle cuts.

The second vid here showcases the first few hours of 995’s return to the airwaves. This is an off-air cap of the Morning Show with Joshua Z.  You’ll hear the a couple of signature morning parodies here: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Morning Show Parody and the 1960s Batman Parody. The parody jingles sounds really great, not sure if they were made locally.

The classic 995 jingles returns also, they were produced in Dallas, Texas by Thompson Creative, it was syndicated from an original package for KFRC, San Franciso. Some of the 995 jingles were produced by TM Century, specifically those that bear the 102.7 KIIS FM logo.

Does anyone know who’s behind the male VOICEOVER?

Thanks again to J5Bata for the clips.  Check out more Metro Manila jingle montages and airchecks here –>


99.5 Campus FM Aircheck

99.5 Campus FM Aircheck

I pulled a Campus FM off air montage last night, I caught Jimmy Jam on the air from 5-7 pm. He was having this cut-by-the-vocals ‘syndrome’ which is of course common among DJs. It was like at the top of the 5 pm drive when Jimmy Jam introed a Linkin Park song only to be caught by the vocals. I am always been a big fan of Jimmy Jam, but I believe the guy has an excellent talent in reinventing himself. Not because he was absent for a while in a CHR radio, but his style is just so 90s. (I’m sorry)

Big deep voices on the radio are not obsolete, they sound best in promos and liners. These days, what sells and cuts through in DJing are the boy-next door type of DJ voices. Gone are the days of the old Rick Dees or Casey Casem style of disc jockeying, so I should say my dear friend should reinvent himself.

Not in a way, that he should sound like a 16 year old kid. It’s just that the usual DJing stuff just don’t cut it anymore.

Anyway, I’d like to commend 99.5 Campus FM for a having a decent radio station imaging. Nothing beats a simple non-processed voiceover liners that say the words “99.5 Campus FM Is The Number One Hit Music Station in Metro Manila”. The traffic promo was nicely done, just lengthy though.

Check out the aircheck here.

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