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99.5 DWRTFM Aircheck on First Day of Broadcast Return

Here are a couple of goodies for all ye 995 fans out there. The first YouTube vid here is an off air compilation of 995 imaging and jingle cuts.

The second vid here showcases the first few hours of 995’s return to the airwaves. This is an off-air cap of the Morning Show with Joshua Z.  You’ll hear the a couple of signature morning parodies here: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Morning Show Parody and the 1960s Batman Parody. The parody jingles sounds really great, not sure if they were made locally.

The classic 995 jingles returns also, they were produced in Dallas, Texas by Thompson Creative, it was syndicated from an original package for KFRC, San Franciso. Some of the 995 jingles were produced by TM Century, specifically those that bear the 102.7 KIIS FM logo.

Does anyone know who’s behind the male VOICEOVER?

Thanks again to J5Bata for the clips.  Check out more Metro Manila jingle montages and airchecks here –> RadioJingles.co.nr/JingleAudioMontage