99.5 Campus FM Aircheck

99.5 Campus FM Aircheck

I pulled a Campus FM off air montage last night, I caught Jimmy Jam on the air from 5-7 pm. He was having this cut-by-the-vocals ‘syndrome’ which is of course common among DJs. It was like at the top of the 5 pm drive when Jimmy Jam introed a Linkin Park song only to be caught by the vocals. I am always been a big fan of Jimmy Jam, but I believe the guy has an excellent talent in reinventing himself. Not because he was absent for a while in a CHR radio, but his style is just so 90s. (I’m sorry)

Big deep voices on the radio are not obsolete, they sound best in promos and liners. These days, what sells and cuts through in DJing are the boy-next door type of DJ voices. Gone are the days of the old Rick Dees or Casey Casem style of disc jockeying, so I should say my dear friend should reinvent himself.

Not in a way, that he should sound like a 16 year old kid. It’s just that the usual DJing stuff just don’t cut it anymore.

Anyway, I’d like to commend 99.5 Campus FM for a having a decent radio station imaging. Nothing beats a simple non-processed voiceover liners that say the words “99.5 Campus FM Is The Number One Hit Music Station in Metro Manila”. The traffic promo was nicely done, just lengthy though.

Check out the aircheck here.

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Not being a devil’s advocate, just want to hear the best sounds on Philippine radio. After all, that’s what we are known to be — good talent.

5 thoughts on “99.5 Campus FM Aircheck”

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    alam nyo mga kapatid,slamat na lang at nawala na ang campus fm,dahil ubod ng kupal si triggerman,pinag tatanggal halos lahat ng tao sa 99.5 ng sila humawak ng freq,gusto nya tunog ls,eh sa totoo lang ang baduy ng campus fm,pati tunog ni john hendrix ay parang nasa kweba,sa totoo lang nag kamali sila ng tinalo,,,ang mga pader ng 99.5 kaya sila na sinibak!puro kaperahan iniisip ng triggerman..pera na galing sa recording company,libre pa plug ng bar and parlor nya,kaya dahil sa kahayupan na gingawa nila sa 99.5 sila ay nakarma.june palang na ka plano na silang tanggalin,kaya pinag tatawanan na lang sila ng mga tao sa 99.5 na galing pa sa rt n hitfm..buti nga sa kanila k at nawala na sila yan ang tawag na malaking karma!!kaya ingat kayo sa karma..to triggerman wag ka masyadong bastos sa syota ng y syota..tanda ka na eh,pag bigyan mo mga bata..sobra ka kalibugan eh….lahat pina paki alaman mo.to john ,,,mag naka salubong kita sasapakin na lang kita agad,,sobra kang pa cute…tingnan ko hanggang san tapang mo.ingat ka!


  2. Hi radiojingles!

    My approach for the Campus 99.5 because I can tune in on your radio. But, it is more interesting than I aired from our listeners. Also, I regret Campus Air Force wouldn’t be the veterans from Campus FM DJ’s with their Aircheckers…:)


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