99.5 DWR-TFM Jingles Complete

The first time I was in Manila, the first radio station I tuned into was DWR-TFM, undoubtedly it was the Z100 or the KIIS FM of the Philippines. 99.5 had and always has the complete ingredients that makes a CHR station complete. Great jocks, cool contests, and four to floor radio imaging.

DWR-TFM surely has the best radio imaging in town. You name it, they got jingles from TM Century to Thompson Creative.

Their jingles really defined what CHR station should be in the Philippines. My friend here j5bata shared his airchecks and off air montage of DWR-TFM jingles. I didn’t know there were more of them.

One of the resings here, I recognize it coming from an original KIIS jingle package.

The rest, wow, some jingles are classic, that date back to the PAMS era. PAMS was the popular jingle company in the U.S. in the 50s. Check out the jingles here on his YouTube video.


One thought on “99.5 DWR-TFM Jingles Complete”

  1. i am an avid fan of rt since 70’s , i started listening to this remarkable station since 1977.. i miss RT so much that i started collecting music that RT used to play.. and those “rare” and “hard to find” music where you can only find it in their very own 24K
    for me, RT is the real RYTHM OF THE CITY radio station.. this is were i met lots of friends and grew up to rythm of rt…rt you made my life so colorful and meaningful until today. im still listening to those music RT used to play.. thanks a lot…

    sincerely ,

    Jacob Alayu

    Bf Paranaque


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