Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Sounds off topic? No, not what you think. I just thought that the release of the teaser trailer for the second installment of the Spielberg-Bay producer-director team up, is a good radio programming idea. I know a station who has cashed on in the Transformer fever, matter of fact, they even took the voice of Optimus Primal to do their station imaging. Of course, with a little, tweaking on Audition, it is easy to duplicate Optimus’ voice.

If you want to cash in though on the Transformer 2 fever, your station should better start now. Here is a quick idea. The teaser trailer has just been released yesterday. By posting a YouTube teaser trailer of the movie on your station’s website, can help draw in listeners to visit your online portal. Make sure you promote it on the air, or post a shoutout on your Facebook, Myspace or Friendster. These days, you need every way to draw visitors to your website.

Here is the teaser trailer.


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