What’s Out in Modern Radio Imaging and Production

Is your station sound the sound of the 21st century?
Is your station sound the sound of the 21st century?

Hi, been a while since we updated this blog in here.  Been really busy cranking up our sister site – RadioJingles.co.nr which is definitely making a huge makeover one of these days. And I’m also proud to unveil the all new RadioJinglesVIP.com – this was the old freewebs hosted site and finally we got a decent, .com domain, wow! It’s all because of you.

Go check out RadioJinglesVIP.com – it’s a free radio jingles, IDs, sweepers and liners site – so request all you want!

Now, in this post, I’m going to be talking about what is not HOT in today’s radio imaging scene.

Well, for most of us who have grown up with the cookie-cutter sweeper approach, laser+voiceover+bed+zaps = cool sweeper. These days, the trick no longer works. Even in imaging. You know the old PD usually wants a big guy doing the voice. You see, the good ole deep baritone voice was the usual thing. I can remember a time in my earlier days, when I got spanked by a friend pretending to sound like a Rick Dees, when in fact, my voice was like a Joe Cipriano.

Modern radio stations need to do away with the traditional, deep, low, baritone, thunder, voice of God, type of imaging. These days, in fact, even normal street vendors can do the voice for your station. These days, what is in is REAL!

Hard sell sweepers no longer sell. So cut the crap. The idea of getting ordinary people doing your station’s imaging makes your station authentic. Now, let me get this straight, I know you have the money to hire voice talents to sound like taxi drivers, or the by-standers, or the “Ale” in the “palengke”, but no, nothing beats the sound of real people.

So, a good advice for you PDs and imaging directors out there, keep digital recorders handy. While you’re on the street, inside malls, riding on a jeepney, or in any public place, grab a chance to interview people why they are listening to your station.

Now that is on the imaging side, on the production side as well, what is out is the use of movie drops, TV drops, or whatsoever, you can however, use recorded listener drops, taken by a recorder or through phone.

Yeah, you can turn heads by dropping in a famous line from a recently shown movie, but hey, it doesn’t usually print in the minds of the listeners. When they hear real people expressing their real thoughts, your listeners can easily identify with your station, and that makes your station imaging believable.

So, here they are again things that are out in today’s radio imaging and production.
OUT – LOW, DEEP, THUNDEROUS, VOICE OF GOD type of voice imaging is out
IN – Experiment with real people to voice your imaging
IN – Authentic sound, use the sound of jeepneys, the sound of tapping keyboards, the sound of everyday palengke scene.

To know what is in and what is out, check out www.radiojingles.co.nr


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