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Listen Live To MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu Streaming, Stickam Alternative


After Stickam announced that is no longer serving live streaming service early this February 2013, radio stations in the Philippines using the said platform are looking for other ways to broadcast their on air content online.

MOR Davao 101.1, particularly, turned to video blogging service Blog.tv.

MOR 97.1 Cebu however who have created a strong community out of the defunct social video community is scrambling for ways to broadcast content online.

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There is however pirate sites that broadcast MOR’s on air content via icecast but is not usually accessible on all devices.

MOR Cebu turned to Ustream.TV a popular video platform also used by top stations in Manile like Wow FM 103.5, Magic 89.9.

DYLS FM 97.1 Cebu is now streaming live via Ustream.

A fansite of the avid listeners of MOR is dedicated a site for the station where they can tune in live.



DYR-TFM Barangay 99.5 Nindota Ah is Cebu’s New Number 1 FM Station

99.5 is Cebu’s New #1 FM Station

DYR-TFM 99.5 opens the month of August with a good news.

GMA recently announced that its FM branch in Cebu has bested DYLS FM and DYXL, both of which were former number 1 stations.

This according to a recent survey. DYLS FM is ABS-CBN’s FM station in Cebu.

And DYLS FM is RMN’s FM branch. DYR-TFM 99.5 is branded as 99.5 Nindota Ah and has on the air since November of 1983.

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MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu Turns 12

You can visit the M.O.R 97.1 website here

Listen to MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu

MOR Cebu is celebrating its twelfth year already. The station still carries the slogan Lupig Sila which is a backronym for LS, as in DYLS (the station’s call letters). Before the MOR branding took off, the station used to be LS 97.1. A big irony back then, since it resembled GMA’s flagship station WLS 97.1 in Metro Manila. Anyhow, MOR came into the picture, but the new branding was not that effective. The MOR jingle probably was the only that was helpful. Other than that, the station clung to its “LS” branding. Lupig Sila became a popular catchphrase for the station. Lupig Sila is Cebuano for “Talo Sila”, a slogan that the station is still living up to, or is it?

Radio Ratings still has MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila as the top station in Metro Cebu. Second in place is GMA’s 99.5 RT Nindota Ah (“Ayos!” or “Nice!”, translated). MOR Cebu carries a masa format, typically playing pop songs and mostly OPM. It heavily plays rhythmic or dance tunes at the opening of the hour. MOR appeals mostly to younger listeners, 17 – 25, although a significant number of adult listeners listen to the station especially during drive time, 5-6 pm. Wanted Pangga is one of the station’s most listened to programs.

The words”Lupig Sila” over the years transformed from being a slogan to being a brand. In fact, just recently, the station is dropped MOR in their liners and started airing IDs that only contain “97.1 Lupig Sila” in the copy. This is a move that is also similar to DWRR’s rebranding from WRR 101.9 For Life to just 101.9 For Life. “Lupig Sila” is no longer a phrase that emphasizes the opponent’s defeat, it has become a positive statement.

If you actually put the catchphrase “Lupig Sila” side by side with other popular slogans of masa radio stations, it stands out. All other masa cathphrases like “Bisyo Na To”, “Kailangan Pa Bang I-memorize Yan”, and “Pwede!” centers on the station. “Lupig Sila” says something about the rival station, that they are “talo” — an effective radio marketing strategy indeed. The listener would not want to be listening to a “talunan” station.

On its 12th Anniversary, however, is the Lupig Sila branding still effective? Does this branding really help the station stay on top of the ratings game? Because in reality, what really puts DYLS FM as the king of the hill is the fact that it is an ABS-CBN entity. It gets plenty of exposure through promos via ABS-CBN TV Cebu. People, in actuality, do not even associate their programming, their shows, and their personalities with the “Lupig Sila” brand.

If DYLS FM is really serious about continuing the Lupig Sila brand, then they have to show it. The ratings alone are not enough to prove thier worth as the number 1 FM station in Cebu. First, they need to fix their music programming. They are a masa station, but their DJs, sometimes, play high-end songs. Yes, masa listeners have already grown. You don’t usually hear RNB songs being played before at masa stations. But the thing is, the station needs to be consistent with its demo. They just probably need to figure out the best way to cater to students, housemakers, office workers and jeepney drivers at the same time.

Second, the DJs must improve. The DJs at MOR Cebu are good, the problem is, they sound too high-end for a masa station. Third, they should update their programs, even the titles of their shows. The Morning on the Rush, or Mix of Rock thing does not cut anymore. As said earlier, listeners change their musical tastes every now and then.

And before capping off, MOR Cebu has got a very poor signal here. Anyway, congratulations on your 12th Anniversary, Lupig Sila!

You can visit the M.O.R 97.1 fan site website here

Listen to MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu