DYR-TFM Barangay 99.5 Nindota Ah is Cebu’s New Number 1 FM Station

99.5 is Cebu’s New #1 FM Station

DYR-TFM 99.5 opens the month of August with a good news.

GMA recently announced that its FM branch in Cebu has bested DYLS FM and DYXL, both of which were former number 1 stations.

This according to a recent survey. DYLS FM is ABS-CBN’s FM station in Cebu.

And DYLS FM is RMN’s FM branch. DYR-TFM 99.5 is branded as 99.5 Nindota Ah and has on the air since November of 1983.

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64 thoughts on “DYR-TFM Barangay 99.5 Nindota Ah is Cebu’s New Number 1 FM Station”

  1. good evening pwede ko mangutana about atung singing audition ining february 17 , 2018 ? sa gaisano island mall mactan unsay requirements ug what time .. more power thankoyu for reading this.

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  2. hi papa joe.. what is the cell phone number ninyo sa handus bira kay pas2 keu musulti si papa litoy??
    more power… thank you.


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