How To Use Radio ID Floaters

For starters, floaters are little imaging tools that usually run between 5 – 10 seconds. Floaters are usually dry VOs of DJ names, show names, station monicker, station catch phrase or any special effects that will add hype to the music.

Floaters are cliche and only a few stations use floaters today for the main reason that they disrupt the listening pleasure of the listeners. Overuse of floaters can jar the listeners. If floaters are fired over a lyric, the result is really frustrating, as the words of the floaters compete with that of the song’s lyrics.

With this, floaters should be aired at the intro, outro or anywhere in the song where the instrumentation is prevalent. Floaters should only be played once in a song’s duration. Playing them frequently in one song, will again tire the song, the listeners and the floaters themselves too.

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