Ann DeWig Versus Kelly Doherty

Thanks to Van for providing us mp3s of iFM’s pwede jingles. We don’t have any permission, however, to post the jingles. But we hope to have some soon. Thanks any for the kind words Van.




Ann DeWigKelly Kelly KellyOur team at didn’t have a hard time looking for a perfect title for this weekend’s article. We are just so amazed by the influence of these two great VO stars. We particularly love, Ann DeWig. We are alwasy blown away but how she delivers her VO lines. And the fact, that she’s heard from all three jingle companies ReelWorld, IQ Beats and Jones TM, Ann is really a big star.


During the last couple of years, we’ve also been astonished by how this new female voice wows the radio land with her sexy sultry voice. Kelly Doherty is the official voice behind all Z100’s promos. What’s interesting however is that Kelly’s voice is confused as being Ann’s.


Hmmm.. check out the full article at




This is only a teaser, but we’d like to give you a hint on what’s cooking next week at We’ll be posting a resing of a very popular ReelWorld package. In addition to some ReelWorld ONE updates. Plus more ear candies for jingle anoraks.




We’ve received reports lately about an issue regarding how the contents at behave. We’ve traced the problem however to IE users. We noticed that our Flash Players that lets you listen to jingle audio are being held up. Internet Explorer browser seems to be going unfriendly with our site hosting. So, our best advise is to have FireFox on your system. IE 7 still sucks!



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