Baby Jelly, Piolo Askal of MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu Seen On New Music Video

Piolo Askal (left), Baby Jelly (right)

Radio DJs of MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila DJ Piolo Askal and Baby Jelly were seen on the intro of a new music video for the song “While We’re Still Young”. The track is sung by duo Bret Jackson and James Reid, also known as We Are Whatever.

MOR 97.1 or DYLS FM is ABS-CBN Radio’s FM station in Metro Cebu. The band We Are Whatever are contract artists of Star Records, also a sub-company of ABS-CBN.

James and Bret were former housemates from the celebrated Pinoy Big Brother reality TV show on ABS-CBN.

James Reid, declared winner for that season or edition, was born Robert James Reid on May 11, 1993. He joined PBB while he was 17 years old. He came from Australia. James was a gymnast and a swimmer. He moved with only his father to the Philippines, leaving his mother, brothers and sister back in Australia. James was having troubles adjusting in the country as he is experiencing problems with a different academics and social skills, especially the language. James is the only teenternational housemate who has Filipino blood.

Bret Jackson, born Bret Alan Jackson II on March 15, 1991), joined PBB when he was 19 years old. He is originally from the USA. Bret has been living in the Philippines for almost 7 years. He was an abused child back in the US where his biological mother used to abuse him physically and emotionally. He left with his father to live in the Philippines with his Filipina stepmother. A resident of Dumaguete at the time of his participation in the PBB, Bret studied in Silliman University in high school and in college. He was president of his Medical Technology batch, a varsity player of the swimming team, and a band member.He is able to speak Bisaya but not as well in Tagalog.


9 thoughts on “Baby Jelly, Piolo Askal of MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu Seen On New Music Video”

  1. goodmorning….dj’s of MOR CEBU…can i have your number guys para mainvite mo naku sa among fiesta this comiing MAY…09071389561/09066255520..thats my nuber contact me…please


  2. hai d.j gudafternun great ko sa ako wrk sa bogo nga cla mam april og kuya war nga naghegda karon……tnx from roland ,,,tnx d.j


  3. hi Piolo Jell pls lng q greet ni Jecerie Lantape nga naa nag work sa JM sa Car2x og sa iya pud mga ka workmate diha..thanks ..


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