List of Product Endorsements on Katy Perry Dark Horse Music Video

Dark Horse
Dark Horse

Product placements on the new music video of Katy Perry called Dark Horse.

1. Nike shoes
2. Sunglasses
3. Twinkie
4. Hot Cheetos
5. Designer high heels
6. Make up and lipstick
7. Jewelry

Within 24 hours since its launch, Dark Horse has already gained 1.7 million views as of this writing.

It is one of the most anticipated music video launches this February. And like most vid these days, it is packaged with product endorsements.

But wait, isn’t the video set in the Egyptian times.

How are you suppose to incorporate smart phones or Beats speakers or fashion items on such a period themed video?

Well they did, the Katy-Patra video actually pulled it off. I think what’s fascinating in the new MV are its costumes and Katy’s make up and get up.

And yes they did managed to squeeze in a lot of products in there.

Nike is one very noticeable product endorsement, there are food items in there, some are also brandless, but you will need to figure it out yourself like make up and lipstick.

We’ve spotted 7, let me know if you’ve seen more.


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