Are Your Jingles Worn Out? Top 10 Causes

Are Your Jingles Worn Out

Or probably, you’re not noticing it. But your listeners could be sick of listening to the same jingles that you have been airing for the past 10 years. Just like the number 1 song on the chart, your jingles’ popularity will also eventually fade out.

So what is a worn out jingle. First, let’s take a look at what it’s not. It’s not the same as your favorite worn out pair of jeans. Worn out jingles are not actually the main problem, but they are only symptoms of an even more serious condition.

So what causes worn out jingles? Here is a list.

1. A PD who can’t get over his favorite 10-year old jingle package.
2. Station owner who is either tight on budget or just don’t think spending more money on jingles is a necessity.
3. Station that doesn’t have an imaging director.
4. Station that does have an imaging director but isn’t functioning.
5. Station that channels all its efforts to contests, music programming and others but less or no consideration on imaging.
6. A PD who thinks that modern jingles are noisy.
7. A PD who thinks that the only way to create a jingle is to have voice guy read the station slogan and the station name, then put some lame FX behind it.
8. A PD who thinks that their station imaging doesn’t need a constant update.
9. A PD who thinks he is the only one fit to voice their station.
10. A PD who doesn’t realize he now lives in the 21st century.

There might actually be more causes, but the point of this is that if you tire your jingles, you are also tiring your listeners’ ears. Refreshing your jingles is as important as refreshing your playlist.

The diagnosis is clear, if your station suffers from having worn out jingles, consult a professional imaging director now, before it complicates to a more serious condition – a drop in ratings.

Here is an article about how to burn-out proof your jingles.

How To Burn Out Proof Your Jingles, Click Image To View

One thought on “Are Your Jingles Worn Out? Top 10 Causes”

  1. Great post, congrats! I wish more PDs will read it – we had so many useless debates over the years, concerning whether the jingle package is worn out or not. All of the above causes are just right and there are sooo many stations playing one and the same retro jingles year after year…


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