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Listen Live To MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Cebu Streaming, Stickam Alternative


After Stickam announced that is no longer serving live streaming service early this February 2013, radio stations in the Philippines using the said platform are looking for other ways to broadcast their on air content online.

MOR Davao 101.1, particularly, turned to video blogging service Blog.tv.

MOR 97.1 Cebu however who have created a strong community out of the defunct social video community is scrambling for ways to broadcast content online.

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There is however pirate sites that broadcast MOR’s on air content via icecast but is not usually accessible on all devices.

MOR Cebu turned to Ustream.TV a popular video platform also used by top stations in Manile like Wow FM 103.5, Magic 89.9.

DYLS FM 97.1 Cebu is now streaming live via Ustream.

A fansite of the avid listeners of MOR is dedicated a site for the station where they can tune in live.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Using UStream for Online Radio Streaming

Why Use Ustream.tv

Nowadays, anyone can put up his own live video show, podcast or online radio. Thanks to free streaming platforms that are taking the webcasting world by storm, and among the most popularly used is Ustream.TV. Despite being free however, there are ups and downs.


  • It’s free
  • It has a chat feature
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Google visibility
  • Quality streaming
  • Embedding


  • Advertisements
  • Competition
  • Bandwidth dependence

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