iFM 2009 Jingle, i10 Countdown Promo

i10 Countdown Team
i10 Countdown Team

While other radio stations in Metro Manila are sporting on their brand new spanking jingles made in the United States, iFM is loud and proud to be airing their homegrown jingles created by today’s promising artists.

In 2006, iFM wowed the radio industry when they commissioned the top artists in the Philippine Music Industry to sing their new jingles iFM Pwede jingle. Stars like Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo, Gloc 9, Andrew E, Zelle among others, sang iFM to its top spot in the ratings games.

In 2009, vocalist Byron Ricamara of the band Squeezer, gave the iFM jingle and a whole new sound. In the tradition of electronic punk rock hits of today as Metro Station, 30H!3, and Cobra Starship, the new iFM “Siguradong Enjoy Ka” jingle is another ground breaking production.

Sa iFM, Siguradong Enjoy Ka by Byron Ricamara

iFM also scored with its hit nationwide program The i10 Countdown hosted by a crack team of presenters : DJ Yumi, Bojo B and Kuholito. The unique way of presenting this chart program is what makes this show stand out. My hats off once again to production genius Mr. Van O and to the creative staff of iFM.

i10 Countdown Promo

i10 Outro and iFM Top of Hour (Offair Montage)

How to Image Oldies Station in a Contemporary Way


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