7 Things I Hate That Most Radio Stations Don’t Do

7 Radio Habits
7 Radio Habits

To copy from a Dan O’day Blog, there are 7 things radio stations should habitually. When I say habitual, it should be definitely done regularly. The problem with radio stations these days, they only do promos, hype their programming during survey seasons. Tsk tsk tsk

From: http://danoday.com/blog/2009/08/mike-mcvay-radio-programming/

1. NEWS & INFORMATION IN THE MORNINGS Winning radio stations present informative news reports and have community information so listeners can plan their lives. The most successful of these radio stations present news that, were it in print, would mirror a local weekly small community newspaper.

2. PRESENCE AT COMMUNITY EVENTS Being everywhere, being seen by everyone, being involved with anything that matters to the community, attaching your name to those things the community cares about is extremely important.

3. FAVORITE MORNING SHOW How often do people change their radios in morning drive? They all do it in the car, but seldom do they change the clock radio in their bedroom.

4. BEING FUN TO LISTEN TO The person working in a steel mill considers your air talents’ job (being paid to play music and talk) as anything but work. Encourage your on-air talent to sound as though they’re having fun.

5. BEST FOR LISTENING AT-WORK Successful music stations have a product that is compatible with at-work listening locations. You MUST be a “Listen While You Work” radio station to be successful.

6. MOST CONTESTS We’ve all seen studies that indicate only 5% to 10% of the audience plays contests. But the most successful stations have contests and games on the air. Radio stations that win … play games.

7. HERITAGE/LENGTH OF TIME IN FORMAT/CONNECTION TO THE MUSIC A radio station that brands one name with the type of music it plays and doesn’t keep changing will have the greatest opportunity for success. Find something that works …. And stick with it.

You’ll find more of Mike McVay’s Radio Programming Secrets here.


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