Mediaquest, audioWAV Launch WAV FM

WAV FM Cebu Opens
WAV FM Cebu Opens

Mediaquest, a subsidiary of SMART TELECOM, partners with audioWAV for WAV FM. Eight terrestrial Radio stations. WAV FM is a new format on a 2-2 mix airing in 8 key cities in the country. The network plays all the number one hits from all parts of the globe mixed in with OPM (Original Pilipino Music).

WAV FM is now airing in Cebu and Davao. WAV will start hitting the airwaves in Naga next week, and soon to make WAVes in Baguio, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Baguio and more!

Tune in to WAV FM Cebu Live Stream thru keyword: WAV FM Cebu.

WAV FM Sound Byte

WAV FM 101.9 Aircheck September 29, 2009

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6 thoughts on “Mediaquest, audioWAV Launch WAV FM”

  1. NBC is owned by Mediaquest. All the radio stations of NBC are now on lease to different companies, the Metro-Manila frequency of 92.3 is leased to All Youth Channels of MTV Phil. The other provincial stations are leased to AudioWav. NBC just owns the frequencies and the transmitters; other entities do the block time programming.

    I hope that clears all matters. Thanks.


  2. Another Question.. Did the Mediaquest “Killed” Finally the NBC Radios in the Philippines Like 92.3 XM to U92 as October 1? as same that WAV FM on the regions?

    BTW Congrats to the People of Mediaquest/audioWAV 😉


    1. Hi there,

      Not sure, NBC before was an affiliate of MTV Philippines. Mediaquest is not in any part connected with NBC or MTV. U92 is “partly” a sister company of MTV Philippines.

      101.9 indeed here in Cebu was formerly franchised by Nation Broadcasting, that was Charlie @ Rhythms 101.9.

      After which 101.9 went to MBC which ran the Love Radio brand.


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