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There is no doubt that the Japanese Sharp (controlled by the Chinese Foxconn) is one of the hi-tech companies that has shone the most in this beginning of 2019: unsheathed the first smartphone without physical keys and holes, Aquos Zero , and on the list to produce the next OLEDs on behalf of Apple, the Osaka company presented a full-bodied set of smart appliances and, in addition, a delightful series of retro radios with a 2.0 heart.

In Cologne, during the “LivingKitchen” event (14-20 January), Sharp brought the Smart Works line-up , a series of appliances enriched with support for Amazon Alexa’s voice commands consisting of a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and intelligent washing machines, which can also be controlled by a mobile app.

In the kitchen, the KA-70S50ISW oven – although it has 150 cooking options, including one for pizza and one for browning and grilling the food – uses Alexa to allow the user to choose between various recipes , obtaining the automatic setting cooking times and temperatures . Energy saving is guaranteed, in the Sharp smart oven, by the ” Boost ” function which halves the pre-heating time.
Always remotely manageable even though it does not have a smart display in favor with the competitors of LG and Samsung , the SJ-F1526ESI-EN smart refrigerator uses zoning to increase the refrigeration capacity (fielding the space otherwise destined to the freezer), door the foods at their respective and optimal storage temperatures more quickly, through the Super Cool mode , while – by virtue of the Quick Drink mode, specially designed for cans and bottles – allows you to put drinks on the table already cold. In tandem with an Amazon smart display (eg Echo Show ) or with a smart speaker, the QW-HD65F444A dishwasher lifts – in less than a quarter of an hour – covers for 4 people.

The cloud of synergy with Amazon, however, is in the Sharp ES-HFT0148AZ washing machine . Thanks to Alexa’s voice commands, in fact, you can choose one of the 22 supported washing programs , going from the little disturbing for the neighbors ( NightWash ), to the lightning-fast one that scrubbers a load in 12 minutes, without forgetting the anti-allergy one. In addition, the smart washing machine from Sharp is able to intelligently dose detergent and softener for 20 washes, starting – via Amazon Dash – the order of the new detergents as soon as those supplied, according to the estimated use, are about to run out .

Along with smart appliances, a further opportunity, Sharp also presented two digital radios, and an internet radio. The digital radios Sharp DR-450 (mono sound, 119 euros) and Sharp DR-S460 (30 watts stereo sound, 139 euros), can acquire audio sources through the 3.5 mm AUX port, but also from the telescopic antenna put into tandem with RDS / DAB, DAB + / FM standards (60 pre-settable stations), and from smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth . Set up in white, gray and wood-colored nuances, they have a wooden structure with an aluminum front on which stands a dimmable round display .

DR-I470 internet radio (179 euros) is controllable from the armchair thanks to the remote control . The latter, launched in shades of wood, white or gray, always supports Bluetooth to play Spotify playlists on your smartphone, and DAB / DAB + / FM standards, however, thanks to Wi-Fi , even receives (10,000 ) radio stations that broadcast on the internet . Convenient 2.4-inch display , on which the user can view short text strings to learn about alarms and alerts, weather forecasts, or consult the time .


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