Listen to 103.5 K-Lite FM Manila LIVE Online Streaming Radio

K Lite
K Lite

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103.5 K-lite returns to the airwaves of Manila this after the station went off air 7 years ago.

However, fans will be expecting a fresher format as opposed to the familiar LITE AC or alternative sound.

The new K Lite will offer a soft AC sound with a sprinkle of urban rotation.

According to Jacob Perez  the station aims to “bridge the gap between mass market stations and niche players”.

K Lite will again occupy the 103.7 dial point as well as the DWKX license in Pasig City.

The station originally launched in 1995.  The K-Lite name stuck until 2007 when it was relaunched as Heart 103.5, then later Max FM and recently Wow FM.

Right now the station is yet to launch its website but visit their Facebook for updates


3 thoughts on “Listen to 103.5 K-Lite FM Manila LIVE Online Streaming Radio”

  1. We accidentally switch to your frequency while on a trip and the songs you guys are playing were awesome 🙂 you got our jam. thank you!


  2. I was listening to your station (3:15, dec 31. 2013) and heard your DJ talking about “pointing a gun to the air and to your head”, why is he even talking about firing a gun?

    your management should discipline this DJ, that comment is totally irresponsible, it’s disgusting! the listening public deserve better!


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