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Love Radio 90.7 Aircheck Missy-Hista

Missy Hista

Love Radio 90.7 is undoubtedly the number 1 FM station in Metro Manila. In fact, it’s become the synonymous name to “Number One” as heard on its new set of promos. Speaking of promos, the MBC-owned station is gearing up for its 36th Anniversary starting this month of Valentines.

Earlier in an article at the Manila Bulletin, Love Radio announced that they will be airing their new set of jingles. The station had earlier bought a jingle package from ReelWorld.

The celebrated morning radio show “Ang Tambalan” with Chris-Tsuper and Nicole-Hyala is now being syndicated to all Love Radio affiliates in the nation. The popular late night show “True Love Conversations” and “Wild Confessions” is now heard also on its provincial FM stations.

Missy-Hista, one of the DJs, is excited for this year’s slate of activities and surprises.

Miss-Hista Aircheck, Feb 18, 2011

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Love Radio Palawan, Lucena City, Davao Live Na Live!

Love Radio Online Stations
Love Radio Online Stations

It’s always really great to know that more and more radio stations are jumping into the bandwagon of online streaming. 98.3 Love Radio Palawan and 100.7 Love Radio Lucena City are just among the many provincial stations that are now taking advantage of the internet.

It’s also surprising to note that most of the stations that go online are from the province. Most of the stations in Manila are now also heard via WWW. Yet, some of the major market stations are still not into it. 101.9 For Life has a Live on Air button, but it doesn’t do anything. I though it’s for streaming. ABS-CBN’s MOR station in Cebu (www.971lupigsila.webs.com)doesn’t also have an official streaming link. MOR 101.1 Davao doesn’t also offer one.

Internet streaming, frankly speaking, doesn’t have a significant impact on the sales of radio stations which is why only a few stations go online.

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Love Radio Tambalan Album, Nakalurkei!

Finally, after a long wait is over to the maximum level eclavou! I could not imagine myself talking that way, but needless to say, the Tambalang Nicole-Hyala and Chris-tsuper has now become a household and FX staple. Just recently, rumors have been circulating about a Love Radio Tambalan album that will include songs sung by no less than the Tambalan themselves – Nicole-Hyala and Chris-tsuper. Continue reading Love Radio Tambalan Album, Nakalurkei!