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Photos of Love Radio 97.9 Cebu Radio Brand New Booth 

Seen here are the royalties of radio DJ Chris Tsuper and DJ Nicole Hyala of Love Radio 90.7 Manila and hosts of the popular Tambalan radio show that is syndicated nationwide through all of its Love Radio FM stations. 

The two were on their way to the airport for a Manila flight but decided to drop by Love Radio 97.9 Cebu to check out their freshly made broadcast studio booth.

They are greeted by DJ Daddy Jack as they pose behind these brightly crimson painted desks which is the same hue as the red on the Love Radio logo.


D’Nakakalurkei Na Album Success

Chris Tsuper Nicole Hyala D'Nakakalurkei Na Album

All praises to Ivory Records and 90.7 Love Radio, especially to the unbeatable tambalan Chris Tsuper and Nicole-Hyala for a very successful release of the D’Nakakalurkei Na Album. No buzz yet on the sales status, but based on online feedback the album really was able to pull it off.

As Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper always reminds, piracy is a big no-no. But for those who want to preview the album, there is a sample playlist here.

Love Radio Tambalan Album, Nakalurkei!

Finally, after a long wait is over to the maximum level eclavou! I could not imagine myself talking that way, but needless to say, the Tambalang Nicole-Hyala and Chris-tsuper has now become a household and FX staple. Just recently, rumors have been circulating about a Love Radio Tambalan album that will include songs sung by no less than the Tambalan themselves – Nicole-Hyala and Chris-tsuper. Continue reading Love Radio Tambalan Album, Nakalurkei!