Home Radio 106.7 Cebu Aircheck

Home Radio Cebu

Metro Cebu is among the most dynamic radio markets in the country. Hot AC (or pang-masa) formats are ruling the airwaves. However, Top 40 stations influence many consumers as well, including the young market. Killerbee 92.3, Y101, BT 105.9, WAV FM 101.1, Wild FM 103.5 and Home Radio 106.7 are among the youth-oriented stations in the Metro. That’s how upbeat the A-B and 13-24 audience in the city, that they require 6 stations to cater their needs.

Home Radio 106.7 sets itself apart from other CHR stations by coming up with programs that are both traditional and ground-breaking. The station brands itself as “Today’s Hit Music”. I should say that amongst the Top 40 stations, Home Radio is the most youthful sounding, programming wise and DJ wise.

I happened to capture the mid morning programming of the station last October 29, 2010 with DJ Duwayne. DJ Nico is also a favorite personality from Home Radio Cebu.

Mid Morning Jam on Home Radio 106.7 Cebu with DJ Duwayne


13 thoughts on “Home Radio 106.7 Cebu Aircheck”

  1. Hi everybody!
    @countrykidanthony: I was from Killer Bee 92.3 way back then. Benny was from 99.5 RT. He was Benny Barako then. : )


  2. DJ NICO was actually from 99.5Rt if im not mistaken. benny barako right?

    and dexterfly of nu107 was formerly known as dexterman


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