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Radio-Podcast Tech – Logitech Now Owns Yeti and Blue Microphones

Logitech is now a real giant thanks to the numerous acquisitions that will allow it to have a range of products related to gaming ever more complete.

After acquiring Astro , the famous headphone manufacturer, Blue Microphone’s turn came.

The transition took place to the figure of 117 million dollars.

If you are wondering what Blue Microphone is, it is the company that produces some of the most commonly used condenser microphones among Twitch streamers, namely Snowball and Yeti.

We talk about very expensive products, the price of which can range from $ 60 to $ 4,000.

At this point Logitech is ready to create a line of peripherals dedicated to gamers and practically complete.

Before saying goodbye, we leave you to a short video through which the acquisition of Blue Microphone was announced.

Link to buy Blue and Yeti Microphones Below

First Hand Experience of the Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone

The quality of the Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone is perfect and above all the automatic windows configuration works great (I use win 10 and I did not need to install any driver).

Buy Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone
Buy Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone

Be careful because in the package there is almost nothing, only the USB cable and a ring hook.

You will also need to buy a pole or a desk tripod because the microphone is very heavy.

The monitor headphone jack already inside the microphone is also very comfortable.
Precise that before buying this I tried 9 microphones and this no doubt beats them all.

This Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone exceeded my expectations!

It has a high quality internal sound card.

It is equipped with a headphone jack to listen to the recording and to listen to the recording again.

It is automatically recognized without installing the proprietary drivers (at least in the Mac)

Definitely professional audio quality!

Highly recommended for those who record without mixing directly from a computer!

I’ve been podcasting on and off since 2005, and I’ve had various mics. I’ve even had an Electro-Voice RE20, and all the more as of late, an Electro-Voice RE320. I like this Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone better.

RE320. It is so natural to get sound out of this mic, and to get the fluffiness and scratchy sibilance. It’s simply dead quiet when I’m not talking, and when I’m talking, it’s spotless and clear. I endeavored to get a perfect and ground-breaking interface, yet it was not occurring for me, and I attempted two distinctive preamps/blenders and Shure X2U too. Without a doubt, I don’t have a huge number of dollars on great hardware.

It’s simply perfect and clear and sounds incredible. Sounded far and away superior on Skype digital recording. Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone sounded extraordinary. With my past mic, regardless of whether I have sounded in my own accounts.

On the Mac, you should wrench the info volume for this mic up a lot. I have mine set to 83%, and it sounds calm on recording before placing it into Logic with my EQ and pick up settings. More on others when I joined other individuals on GCs or Skype.

In case you’re a podcaster, you could purchase a bundle of gear. In any case, you don’t. Except if you’re running at a blender, and you needn’t bother with a Heil PR 40. You require is this one mic, and ideally the blast arm and the shockmount. You’ll not think twice about getting this Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone.

Listen to DJ Bea on MOR 101.9 Manila

Listen to DJ Rico Romantico on MOR 101.9
Listen to DJ Bea on MOR 101.9 Manila

Related streaming:

MORe Information is provided to us with every weekday afternoons if you listen to DJ Bea on MOR 101.9 Manila.

Before that, Bea also had a lot of “experiences.”

For those who have long been focused on her, you will surely remember that being Queen of the “Taas-Baba” and even the warmth she used to dawn in the morning.

Now that she has been “matured” in her career, Bea is steadfast in providing news and information, in contrast to the love team of Joco Loco and Jhai Ho, and being one of the leading producers of stories in Dear MOR.

Catch her bubbly news delivery and talk to DJs hourly from 2PM to 7PM. So you really need to listen to DJ Bea on MOR 101.9 Manila.

Contact DJ Bea on MOR 101.9 Manila Telephone number, Requests, Greetings, Dedications, Letter sending

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Review of Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer for DJ

I do not think you can find such well-made mixers and with all the features of this Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer for the same price.

On the contrary: I can not explain how Behringer can sell a product so good at this price range!

Also we see that the company is serious from the fact that they replaced the old very strong blue LED, with a softer and orange one.

Some have commented that it has the defect of not having a power button, and it is true, but I remind everyone that this Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer has 8 channels (8 !!) with outputs for external effects (which I tested and work fine) individually adjustable for each channel.

The preamplifier of the microphone channels is then unexceptionable and very useful if you use cheap microphones like me.

The thing that worries me is that is heats a lot below. LAST THING, the packaging of the product came with dents and this worried me a lot, because if the content had been damaged, I would have been very disappointed. Tips for Sellers: If you see that the original box is damaged check the contents inside before selling it.

I use the Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer to connect computers, turntables, CDs and microphones to amplified speakers: it’s exactly what I was looking for.

The background noise is low, the microphone preamps sound good, the use of the knobs instead of the sliders reduces the external dimensions and I do very well. Everything sounds good (for the price paid).

The only quirk that I found of the Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer is the slow power off of the phantom power: The LED turns off after 5/6 min from the pressure of the button (?) However, I do not have mic that go to phantom, so it’s not a problem.

The holes of the jacks are facing upwards and tend to collect dust: I recommend covering it when not in use

Given the price, I was thinking of something lower level: instead this Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer does his duty with dignity. Well Behringer

Decent preamps Mic Decent
eq filters
Reduced size
Great price

No power off
phantom power slow off

Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer is a very compact but very nice mixer. Very good price quality !!!! Great! Great! Great! Great!
We strongly recommend it! Ok!

The only tangible defect, the power supply emits a continuous buzz. Despite this does not affect the quality of the power supply that, indeed, has been discreet, the defect is annoying if you keep the product connected to the current during the night.

Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer works, for what it costs to be considered a good product. As read in other reviews has the neo not to have the on / off button but it is a problem just enough to have a power strip with switch and I problem is solved another problem always relative is the main output to jack and not to Canon that is definitely better also in terms of cable life. Anyway I recommend the Behringer XENYX 802 Audio Mixer.

Review of the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones, Radio Broadcast Gear

Shop for Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphone click here

Yup I did use a wireless for on air monitoring and at the production studio. And here are my thoughts for the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones.

After trying many different headphones, I think the Sennheisers are the best, or better, those that are closer to my taste in terms of playing music.

Previously I had Momentums (with cable) and I wanted to upgrade, I do not regret it at all.

I have had the opportunity to try extensively also the BOSE QC 35 II and other high-end Bose, I must say that I prefer the Sennheiser because they reproduce the sound “less fake” way.

The bluetooth is easily coupled.

As ergonomics are perfect and I can take them even 3 hours without feeling any pressure or problem, even when I have glasses.

I must say that the sound quality is excellent in the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones, it does not fear comparisons.

The fit of the headphones is extremely good, especially in the wireless version, you can go wherever you want without thinking about the cable.

Right now I’m connected to a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 7 at the same time, and I’m playing music from my Mac.

When an incoming call comes in, they switch seamlessly from one device to another.

For calls I have to say that I removed a star because the communication is not very clear, not exactly what you have directly from the phone.

I tried with more calls to switch from Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones to the phone and communication with the phone is definitely better.

Mind you, very good even from headphones but better from the phone. As for portability, headphones are still a little over 250g so in the long run, after an hour that you wear them, you hear them.

To me, that I have big enough ears, they dress very well and they cover very well all the auricle.

Basically, excellent design, materials and sound.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones are well finished, the skin on the earphones are topnotch.

The sound is amazing, I was struck by the sound when I see a thread full of special effects: same feeling when I go to the cinema.

My only gripe is the fact that after 2 hours of use the headband and the earphones bother me, the ears also feel a bit ‘wet / hot.

Good portability but perhaps not as ideal as the Bose QuietComfort 35, which are easier from that point of view. I would recommend Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones for those who want a headset with a sound and fine finishes.

I Am Using The Php 31,000 Peso Sennheiser HD700 for Radio Broadcast and Here’s My Experience

The Sennheiser HD700 headphones are really classy, ​​able to produce a sound that is at the same time elegant, soft but also rich in depth, very precise in the acute range, without excesses, and by the excellent spatialization of the sound planes.

The HD700 is a headset that stands in the middle between the Hd650 and the Hd800, both as a price that, in part, as a sound.

Get the HD700 Headphone here

It sounds airy and open almost like the HD800, but the general frequency response has been turned to warmer hues with the bass plus an evidence (though less defined and “impactful”). Despite this, the Hd700 still sounds very detailed and present on the sharp, with the voices still very present, if anything, sometimes backwards as “perspective” than as a presence of sound.

This sonority was obtained with a slightly waning response from low to high, but with a drop in the mid-range followed by a peak in the 5-6 kHz zone that gives articulated air to the whole presentation of the sound event. Backside of the coin, some timbres sometimes a bit.

If this problem does not bother too much (the thing is subjective), the Sennheiser HD700 headphones repays with a strange and pleasant combination of airiness and warmth, for relaxed and, for me, extremely pleasant listening, in particular with the symphony with a “sense” auditorium “very remarkable, but not only.

Extension to extremes optimal, low warm and present but with a capacity of relative impact (the Hd800 has more impact), sound scene less wide than the Hd800 but with better scanning in depth. Average impedance, with a dependency of the low response from the output impedance of the non-negligible amplifier.

Click here to order your headphones

Excellent construction, stratospheric comfort: probably the most comfortable headset I’ve ever tried.

At 31,163.12 Philippine Peso a great headset, but must like its very special setting.

In short, an excellent product, which makes it better if associated with a large amplifier, but that provides excellent performance even connected to a trivial mobile device. The cap is also beautiful and extremely comfortable. So I am satisfied with this 31,000 peso Sennheiser HD700 headphones.

Review on Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone

After almost a year of use, I can finally talk about this professional Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone, which has on its side the price, very low in relation to the quality of construction and audio it offers.

Buy Broadcast Microphone here

The equipment includes: the microphone; a shock mount; the jack-cannon cable and a windproof hood. Unfortunately, a
tripod is missing, I bought it apart.

The construction quality is excellent: the microphone is built entirely of metal and the assembly is not far behind. Even the shock mount is made with the same care, also made entirely of metal apart from the elastic cords that support the microphone. The jack-cannon cable is well made and the part that connects to the microphone has a locking system, to prevent it from being accidentally disconnected.

Let’s start by saying that this is a Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone, and therefore needs electricity to work well, so it is advisable to use a phantom power supply or use a self-powered sound card. In case you do not have a power supply system, it will be enough to activate the PC preamplification software.

The audio quality, as I mentioned before, is excellent: the recording returns a warm and faithful voice, provided however to stay close to the side of the microphone (ie near one of the flat parts of the head). I do not know if with the phantom power the range of action increases, but also without, provided you stay close to the microphone, the yield is very good.

To conclude, this Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone is a godsend for those who want to record vocals cover in a professional way by spending little. Absolutely recommended to those who, like me, record music covers and need a professional microphone without spending too much.

Buy Broadcast Microphone here

Honest Review Bluetooth Headphones Miijiaer X20 Wireless Earbuds with Microphone Noise Cancelling Earphones on Amazon

What I really like about this pair of Bluetooth Headphones Miijiaer X20 Wireless Earbuds is that it is alrelady Bluetooth 4.1 compatible. What this means is that you are ahead of the technology cycle, 5 to 10 years ahead to be exact.

So whatever new technology that comes in the next few years you are sure that your pair of tetherless ear pieces will support devices even the next iPhone.

Bluetooth 4.1 also means more sound quality, because it is able to carry more sound information from the source of your sound for example like a smartphone to your earbuds.

Now of course, you cannot talk quality without talking about battery life.

This beastie right here will only charge for 1.5 hours and it is going to be great for 6 to 8 hours.

Other earpieces take about 2 hours, I don’t know why they are called fast charging.

Now, when you say noise cancelling, what really comes to mind are those big bulk over the ear types, but this one can. Yes, you read it right.

It is possible because of the CVC 6.0 mechanism. Now, this is useful not only during music listening but for taking calls, even if you are out and about a busy street.

Not to mention of course these Bluetooth Headphones Miijiaer X20 Wireless Earbuds are comfortable to wear, using high grade materials.

And one of the important things I look into tetherless earphones, good controls. Yes, physical control are tough.

Take a look at what is inside the box.