Review on Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone

After almost a year of use, I can finally talk about this professional Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone, which has on its side the price, very low in relation to the quality of construction and audio it offers.

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The equipment includes: the microphone; a shock mount; the jack-cannon cable and a windproof hood. Unfortunately, a
tripod is missing, I bought it apart.

The construction quality is excellent: the microphone is built entirely of metal and the assembly is not far behind. Even the shock mount is made with the same care, also made entirely of metal apart from the elastic cords that support the microphone. The jack-cannon cable is well made and the part that connects to the microphone has a locking system, to prevent it from being accidentally disconnected.

Let’s start by saying that this is a Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone, and therefore needs electricity to work well, so it is advisable to use a phantom power supply or use a self-powered sound card. In case you do not have a power supply system, it will be enough to activate the PC preamplification software.

The audio quality, as I mentioned before, is excellent: the recording returns a warm and faithful voice, provided however to stay close to the side of the microphone (ie near one of the flat parts of the head). I do not know if with the phantom power the range of action increases, but also without, provided you stay close to the microphone, the yield is very good.

To conclude, this Neewer NW-700 Radio Broadcast Condenser Microphone is a godsend for those who want to record vocals cover in a professional way by spending little. Absolutely recommended to those who, like me, record music covers and need a professional microphone without spending too much.

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