User Review and Answers About The Ammoon 120S-USB Audio Mixer

  • 12-channel mixing console with XLR, LINE inputs and 48V phantom power.
  • Each channel has GAIN knobs, 3-band EQ, AUX, EFFECT, PAN and volume control faders.
  • The PEL switch allows you to monitor the channel that the PEL is set to "ON".
  • Jack AUX send & return to connect all types of effects from the outside.
  • EFFECT level and MAIN Fader, REPEAT, EFF SEND, DELAY, SEND, RETURN knobs in the master section.

Buy Here Ammoon 120S-USB Audio Mixer with 12 Channels Console USB XLR Input 3-band EQ 48V Phantom Power with Power Adapter

Product quality excellent price. Unfortunately the transformer arrived broken, but after contacting the seller and have clarified what model was seen that it is a dedicated power supply and the mixer is kindly professionally is busy sending me a new and working without any additional cost.

I use the mixer at home for small jobs and I found it comfortable and versatile of course nn for semi-professional or professional use.

But who uses them knows that prices for equipment of this kind are much higher.

However, I am personally satisfied with the product and even more of the professionalism of the seller.

For home use I highly recommend it as comfortable and easy to use x who knows these products well

Question: Does it have the effects?
Answer: No, but it is very versatile and with good tone

Question: But how many microphones can you insert?
Answer: 12 MIC but then you do not have the INPUTS line … you have to use THOSE you need up to 12 regular TU or MIC or line

Question: Excuse me but the line inputs are stereo. Can I connect, for example, a CD player with an R and L channel?
Answer: I connected the laptop with an audio cable, plug from 3.5 to pc and 6.5 to the mixer in one input and then send the music in the speakers connect to the mixer, always with the ability to change the sound with the mixer, Hello

Question: can I connect it to passive speakers?
Answer: NO, you need an amplifier!

Question: Can I connect a numark party mix console?
Answer: Hello, without problems you can use two normal channels or the red white output

Question: Hi how many microphones can I connect? Can I connect the amplifier and the electric battery as well?
Answer: you have 6 mic inputs, so you can share them indifferently with inputs of different origin but only as inputs, you will need to connect an amplifier to the output of the mixer.

Question: Can I use it as a controller to drive software such as cubase, music studio, etc.?
Answer: then I advise you not to drive what you say because it is already the mixer that has many functions, like echo, repetition etc .. because I already had problems, with the active speakers that have echo, preamplification, you create the triggers, return sound, you can connect a PC, a smartphone, to send the basics, but if you put other devices that have effects already of them, conflicts are created, however, to make good music evenings, my son plays with his band I set the sounds, as price and quality and ok … hello good music displays fewer items


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