This Lenovo smart speaker has a detachable screen and Amazon Alexa

Among the innovations presented by Lenovo here at CES in Las Vegas we find Lenovo Smart Tab with Amazon Alexa : a hybrid device a bit ‘tablet and a little’ smart speaker. Here’s how this curious but useful s mart speaker with detachable screen works .

Lenovo Smart Tab is a two-part device: a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa assistant with a 10-inch Lenovo tablet (which will be launched in two different versions).

The display / tablet rests above the smart speaker with an interlocking and magnetic system called the LenovoSmart Dock. It is a new category of 2-in-1 tablets that turn into smart screens with Amazon Alexa.

The commands of Alexa will work only if smart speakers and tablets will be connected, otherwise it will not give you any kind of indications. The indications reproduced will be of audio type but also visual. We tried to ask the Lenovo Smart Tab “what a long time ago in Las Vegas” and we were informed of the memeteorological conditions both by the voice of Amazon Alexa and the information appeared on the display.

If necessary, however, you will be free to decide to detach the display from the base to use it as a real tablet with Android operating system Oreo in stock version.

This smart speaker with detachable screen can of course control your devices for the smart home as any other smart speaker would do, but it does it with an extra gear: visual information that never hurts.

In short, this Lenovo Smart Tab created in collaboration with Amazon Alexa opens the door to new hybrid and multi-functional devices that will enrich your home.


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