Fan Petitions for GMA Radio Format Flip


To: GMA Network


97.1 Barangay LS is the greatest station since Febuary 14, 2007. I will tell you the reasons why.


  1. It is a 100% turnaround from the former Campus Radio.
  2. Playing bubblegum pop, OPM and other mass-based music forms and music popularized by GMA’s stable of recording artists.
  3. Its format is comparable to that of 90.7 Love Radio, Alam Mo Na Yan 101.9 For Life!, Yes FM 101.1, I-FM 93.9, 102.7 Star FM and 91.5 Energy FM
  4. It has on-air personalities speaking only in Tagalog (especially the timechecks).
  5. RGMA, through its head Mike Enriquez, launched 97.1 Barangay LS Forever!


Since Campus Radio is over, it is all right. 97.1 Barangay LS also happened to Heart 103.5 (reformatted from 103.5 K-Lite), 99.5 Hit FM (reformatted from 99.5 RT) and 92.3 X FM (reformatted from 92.3 Joey). They reformatted these stations, including 97.1 Barangay LS, because they want to make it better. If you want 97.1 Barangay LS, sign your your petition here.




21 thoughts on “Fan Petitions for GMA Radio Format Flip”

  1. may dalawang unknown girl na nag aaway sa dj na mas magaling c Mo twister kaysa kay john hendrix ayoko sumali sa away nila bahala hmp.


  2. c john hendrix nasa dogtv pala evevry saturday maraming pics si john hendrix sa fb ko:-p.But its private ang fb ko maraming mga bakla ang nanood dito. akala ako ang nakakaalam ewan koyung iba dyan hehehe


  3. The jingle has been an extremely effective tool in increasing advertising recall. It even works when the target is not actively listening. This is why you may often find yourself with a stupid song stuck in your head. Have you ever found yourself walking through the house singing “Happy Little Vegemites”? Music and lyrics are up to 90 times more memorable than the spoken word. Do you still remember “Mary had a little lamb” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”?


  4. i guess we are beating on a dead horse, but yeah it is disappointing to see Campus Radio get neutered into what is on the airwaves today. Hopefully the few remaining non-masa stations do not follow suit.


  5. everything changes… i hope NU107 don’t change…. though they’ve already changed (they used to play heavy stuff)….. i hope they do that again….. but this is for LS….. i used to listen to LS everyday when I was in high school, when they were rock format…….. and every once in a while when I’m there…… I was surprised last time I listened to LS….. I thought I was on the wrong station….. but I guess a lot of people dig this kind of music they’re playing now….. too bad…….


  6. hey there! you know, i used to be part of LS as a campus aircheck member until the very last sunday broadcast of the station as campus radio (that gives an idea kung aling batch ako…hehehe!)…siyempre, di na ako nakasama noong nag-reformat…

    nalungkot ako for two reasons…one, we lost yet another CHR station to the seemingly more profitable masa market (thanks or no thanks to mike enriquez…hehehe!)…and two, because, well, even for all its baduy-ness, i still wanted to be part of the reformatted station, just for kicks–para lang makita ko kung kaya ko…

    anyway…needless to say, i stuck to LS more out of loyalty to my friends/former colleagues over there…and i gotta hand it to them–especially john hendrix, who was one of my mentors…okay, so medyo awkward yung “…bago mag-alas-nine o’ clock…” for his timechecks, buuuuut…come to think of it, it’s not the first time he’s done the masa format…he was already with LS in ’95 noong una silang nag-masa at una nilang pinauso yung “forever!” na slogan…dati na niyang sinasabi yung “manatiling nakatutok!” before every commercial break back then…at very fluent naman siya mag-tagalog, di ba?

    i know a lot of us aren’t still used to it, but hey, if we (as campus radio) were able to “blaze the trail” in the old CHR format, who knows? they might be able to “blaze the trail” this time in the masa format, and overtake the kapamilyas and the ka-bisyos! hehehe… 😛

    i’ve migrated to canada some two months ago…and im hoping to hear my former colleagues again online in the near future…


  7. hi kenneth, thanks for visiting our blog, we respect your comments and we know john hendrix understands your sentiments. it’s only sad though na not everyone, or seeminly, almost lahat yata ayaw sa new format ng WLS. In defense lang naman kay John Hendrix, we’d like to commend him for his efforts if trying his best to sound good on the Barangay LS brand.

    to be honest, bihira lang talaga ang mga DJs ngayon sa Philippine radio industry na may talent. I mean, there are DJs out there that sound good, but they are only good pag may cue cards silang kaharap. John Hendrix undoubtedly is one of the country’s premiere announcers, in fact, he even had a VJing stint years ago with campus video.

    Sa radio kasi, stations are sold, presented or branded according to formats. Unknown to every one especially for ordinary listeners, radio stations are classified as HOT ADULT CONTEMPORARY (ex. 101.9 For Life, Love Radio), AC or adult contemporary (ex. WRock, Home Radio), etc. John Hendrix used to be working as CHR radio personality. And the fact that John Hendrix is able to transform his field from CHR to Hot AC ngayon with Brgy LS, we can say that he truly is a flexible DJ.

    I know John Hendrix is not along in this world. We also know a lot of talented DJs in the country who used to be good at other radio formats. Sa iFM, if you’ve heard about Jay Towers, he used to work as an exclusive DJ for CHR and Rock stations. Now, im surprised that Jay Lopus a.k.a. Jay Towers is now nose diving with the masa format. Sa mga fans ni Jay Lopus here in Mindanao and in Cebu, they will probably find it new to hear him speaking tagalog.

    as for John Hendrix,maybe we can give him time to master this new craft. We may still find it awkward to hear somebody who’s good at english conversing in street lingo tagalog, but masasanay rin tayo at masasanay rin si John Hendrix.


  8. ibalik ang dating CAMPUS RADIO 97.1 WLS FM! nagpapaka trying hard lng ung mga DJ! as in! oo nga nagpapaka na, trying hard pa. ung ibang DJ, c john hendrix? tama b spelling? IDOL kita pagdating sa english pero pag nagtagalog kana, OA! d k marunong men! mas ok ung tagalog! sana bumalik n ung 97.1 WLS FM!


  9. Yes! With your combined efforts, fans can bring back the old DWLS FM. Just like what happened in one of the legendary stations in New York. because of lessening practicality and salability of the format, WCBS FM changed from an oldies station to a jockless popular format called Jack FM. Much to their surprise, what they thought was a big hit, only crushed the station’s ratings. Because of the raves of the fans, including New York city mayor, WCBS FM went back on air with its good oldies format.

    you can read stories of radio stations at


  10. to all fans/radio listeners of campus radio 97.1 help us to bring back the long time students radio;the campus jocks;master T and trigger man;th English format;and the most important -the pinoy rock bands!!


  11. ai naku, mas gusto ko ung dating 97.1 WLS fm. kc student- based ang station n un. napaka daming program sa ls ang nasayang. like ung mga campus tours or ung naghahandle ng concerts sa school? un! and ung ibang programs about promoting ung ibang bagong bands. ung Rock It! Launcher. ang gaganda ng programs sa ls lalo n ung mga pinapatugtog nila. kc lahat bago. and ang ls kc parang pang soxal. kc english ung mga DJ. so nainis ako nung nag iba ung ls. nalungkot ako kc nde n ako up to date sa music. wala pang MTV dahil binili sila ng AYC(all youth channel?) bsta un. e ung MYX is a property of ABS-CBN. e PURE KAPUSO ako. kaya natutuwa ako kc ung GMA7 may ganitong station ung 97.1 WLS fm.pang student talga un. now may mga station n nag claim na CAMPUS radio dw sila ang RX93.1. may commercial sila noon nadinig ko na cnabi ang tunay na campus radio ay ang rx93.1. i was so disappointed kc binitawan ng ls ang kanilang pangalan. super turnaround un. T___________T


  12. Wala poh. Mga boardmates ko lang nakikinig ng Barangay Love radio. I always listen to my MP3.But if when i get home to Pangasinan, Monster radio RX pinapakinggan ko or Magic 89.9, Hit FM


  13. Hi Emil, thanks for the comment. It’s interesting to know Baguio also has “Barangay” but only in Love Radio. I heard that “Barangat” was really indeed used first at Love Radio. My question though is that, is Love Radio in Baguio still using the word Barangay on their logo? Do you have a streaming of Brangay Love Radio. Anyway, i think i like BigSound Radio, that’s in Baguio right?

    Thanks for the Comment

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  14. Barangay LS is cool…BUT!…It’s “BARANGAY” Monicker was used long time ago by 90.7 Love Radio..Remember?…Barangay Love?…Tsk Tsk


  15. This was posted on on the advent of GMA’s decision to flip format of DWLS FM from the upscale Campus Radio to Barangay LS 97.1.

    This was a move that is common with the leadership of Mike Enriquez who have transformed other GMA Regional stations into a money making machine.

    Cashing on the masa-type Adult Contemporary format is no longer new in the business. DWKC FM of the Radio Mindanao Network also cashed in on this radio format after its regional fleet of stations top billed in many surveys using the popular Pop-OPM-disco programming.

    DWKC FM evolved from the pop format Smile Radio, to Modern AC KCFM 93-9 to iFM.


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