Is KBP Really Reliable in Radio Surveys?

On a recent article on Inquirer, three radio stations are squabbling on who’s the number one and who’s the most favorite radio station.

These days, however, it’s hard to tell who’s who. Who’s on top, who’s dominating. I mean, it’s already the age of iPods, internet radio, and digital radio. These days terrestrial radio is only a alternative. You can’t say Yes FM is number one or WRR is the most preferred than Love Radio.

At least to some people only. But hey, are surveys really trusty? Especially those done by the RRC? I’d like to commend BTW, KBP’s lead and the Radio Ad Awards commitment to improve broadcast quality content and radio ad material.

For the record, though, KBP employs two types of survey the diary and the actual listenership. The diary approach allows the user to log or record his daily listening activities. The actual radio tune-in records the frequency and actual time people are listening to a specific station. Of the two approaches however, the second one is the most effective and dependable.

Come to think of it, when a listener records his daily listening activity, it may not necessarily reflect the actual station he’ s listening to. A person could write the station name “YES FM” because he saw a sticker of it inside the jeepney or on the windshield of the taxi cab but he may not actually be listening to that station.

Yes, listeners’ music choice differ and most of the time they change. That is why in determining which station is doing well at the present time, the second approach is much better.

Now, as with KBP, they’ve been doing this for a year now, but believe me, KBP’s ways are antiquated. Their ways in conducting surveys are way behind those used by Arbitron in the U.S. or AC Nielsen.

I think it’s high time now for business people to depend on more reliable radio survey firms. It’s a good investment to get the right and accurate information. You could be advertising on a station you thought it’s the number one!


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