Wild FM Blazes On A New Trail

 From UMBN Press Release:

Trend-setting UM Broadcasting Network (UMBN) blazes another trail, this time in cyberspace with the re-launch of this website umbn.com.ph. Get updated on your favorite stations’ events. Tell us what’s on your mind. Vote on our music charts. Listen real-time via live streaming 24/7. All these and more are now conveniently possible, from your laptops, smartphones or PC. Wherever you are in the world!

Our home page (umbn.com.ph) opens with the corporate identity of UMBN, parent-company of Wild FM network, with FM stations in :

• Davao City
• Cebu
• Bacolod
• Cagayan de Oro
• Butuan
• Iligan
• Gen. Santos City
• and Valencia, Bukidnon

The home page also features HitRadio (UMBN’s other FM station, formerly known as Oldies Radio). HitRadio plays the hits of the 60s, 70s and the 80s.

Links conveniently connect to individual stations’ own pages with features on stations’ recent and upcoming events, jocks/personalities’ profiles, photos and articles and music and charts. In the works are interactive forum that will allow you to voice your comments and opinions.

The possibilities are beyond imagination. We bring radio to the world of the internet. In this wired world, WILD FM and HitRadio are never too far away.

Listen to Wild FM’s original jingle package from Thompson Creative here. Learn more about Wild FM here at their website.


7 thoughts on “Wild FM Blazes On A New Trail”

  1. My uncle works for your station as disc jockey….he is Dj Jack……Im his nephew……can i work for your station as a jock?Thank you..

  2. Do you accept recorded original compositions from local artists? What is the time slot of wild fm for some local artists to share their craft to the listening public??? 🙂

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