WRock Website Soon To Re-launch

Hi there guys, it’s been a while since we haven’t updated this blog. Thanks for always giving us a hit. So far, your most favorite click is the WRock streaming link. Unfortunately, the site is still down and parked. And one of the people behind WRock network also emailed us about the site’s whereabouts. Well, the WRock people told us that their website is going to be up and running soon, we don’t know yet how soon is soon, but fans of the best loved adult contemporary station in the Philippines will surely gonna be enjoying the songs of WRock 96.3, especially those who are living abroad right now, they kind of missed the feel of WRock music.

Thanks to the team at 96.3 WRock for the update.

8 thoughts on “WRock Website Soon To Re-launch”

  1. hi, im back in davao but where is paul and cheri’s segment? its sat 12-1 here before and replays on sunday 10-12… how come? please i miss them a lot. is there a new time slot for them? thanks…. huhuhu im begging email me please of the new sked.


  2. 96.3 WRocK has been purchased by the Manila Broadcasting Co. of the Elizalde family from the Hodreals…

    Hope MBC won’t turn 96.3 into a worthless junk station.


  3. Hello There! Thanks for this information. I will be waiting for the next live streaming of my favorite Radio Stations 96.3 WROCK. PEACE



  4. Hi Guys,

    I’m working in Singapore and I would like to listen to 96.3 Wrock station through internet. Is the site still down? Appreciate to receive any updates on this.

    Thanks and regards,



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