Campus Radio Can’t Go Back On Air Side B

Campus Radio Devil's Advocate

This is a comment to a repost made by our colleague Jimmy Jam on his blog Working For Peanuts. The repost had two comments quoting my post as an act of playing “devil’s advocate”,  not to mention a comment made by an PEXer here.

In response, we comment:

I’m posting here to thank Jimmy for recognizing and linking back my post at

I totally agree with Jimmy, at this point nothing is certain about the return of Campus Radio, only Jimmy and John know the goings on.

I’d like to stress out with all due respect that I am not against the re-opening of Campus Radio. Pardon me for the post, however it was never my intention to demoralize (I know I didn’t) campus radio fans and those behind its comeback.

My only motive was to deliver the truths of what could hinder the success of campus radio’s return. I do not underestimate the capability and the ingenuity of the Campus Radio crew. Nonetheless, you cannot discount these facts.

Campus Radio is no longer carried by GMA in Metro Manila, however in provinces where RGMA operates, the Campus Radio logo is still being used.

Despite these, I’d like to commend the loyal followers of the Campus Radio brand and the former staff of the said station. For me, only a handful of people can effectively etch the brand of a product even during the years of its absence.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, Campus Radio will return, the question is – should you allow these barriers to materialize my post “…Campus Radio Can’t Go Back on air”.

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